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Here at Garthwest, our understanding of corrugated packaging design is next to unrivalled, coming from extensive experience and industry insight gained throughout the years. We know that the best packaging and branding does not just represent your product inside, but it also communicates your proposition and core values to your customers. Therefore, we always start all designs from scratch to ensure a truly bespoke result for you.

By working on an international scale, we are always up to date with the market and the most current trends, ensuring that we continuously keeping our clients ahead of the game. With a solid know-how into consumers’ experience, we know how packaging works; most importantly, how it is evaluated by the consumer and what factors could influence a purchasing decision.

What to expect from our corrugated packaging, concept creation and design services?

  • Initially, we will be working on establishing what is most important to you and your brand in order to impress your consumers and achieve your aims
  • Our design team will continuously be identifying the most innovative ways of bringing out the best product packaging for your product during the entire concept development stage
  • Once we have the ideal corrugated packaging concept for you, we will transform it into a design that stimulates and excites both yourself and your customer
  • We will test the proposed concept ensuring that the creative solution has traction, effectively delivering and resonating to your consumers
  • Our team will be helping you through each and every single step afterwards too, from rendering, prototyping, technical drawings all the way through to manufacture and delivery if you wish

Combining a team of expert packaging designers with world-class, cutting-edge technology and equipment allows us to offer you and your business bespoke corrugated packaging concept creation and design services.

Garthwest’s design team and account managers are sat side–by–side, so you can expect things to progress with pace and come to life as originally imagined.

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