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Produce trays – from board to box

Produce trays have been an essential part our business for many years, and as a manufacturer of both sheet board, die cut blanks and erected trays, we have complete control over our supply chain. We have a dedicated site in East Heckington, Lincolnshire where our highly-skilled team glue produce trays to form erect trays. These trays are manufactured 12 hours per day every single day, meaning hundreds of thousands of trays are created and supplied to local growers every year.


Local growers, local knowledge

One of the many advantages we have for supplying of produce trays is our location. We manufacturer in two counties with an ever expanding number of growers. Historically, the Humber region has a large horticultural industry which we are a major supplier to, and with the changing market we continue to supply year round for all seasonal crops. We also have customers all over the UK and are flexible to meet the needs of the produce industry.

“Supplying locally and nationally for more than 50 years”


Garthwest’s Produce Trays

Produce trays provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to move produce from grower to the end customer.  Well-designed produce trays are vital as the customer will usually pick straight from the tray. We have extensive experience and can advise you on any aspect of produce trays in your supply chain.  We’ll assist you in creating a product that will protect and market your product.

  • 60cm x 40cm and 40cm x 30cm being the most popular sizes
  • We can provide board grades from light to heavy duty
  • Our trays can be machine erected or hand erected


TECO Machines

As well as manufacturing produce trays, Garthwest is a distributor for TECO machinery – an extremely reliable machine type which glues and erects produce trays and can be installed by us on your site.


The benefits of on-site TECO machines include:

  • Saving space because you only store blanks – not made up trays
  • Easy to use and comes with operator training
  • Machine is serviced and maintained by Garthwest
  • Access to a large team of engineers to resolve problems quickly
  • Named contact at Garthwest
  • Can be installed at any location in the UK

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