Be The #EarlyBird This Year!

Whether you’d like to call it the presentation case, gift box, selection or sample pack, its uses are endless. With a secure and convenient fold-over lid and sealing flaps, this case, that comes in any custom size you require, makes for the perfect solution to drive your online sales. It can be designed with a fitment insert to sit your products in snugly and fully printed.

3 Ways to Improving Your Product Shipping Times: Postal & E-commerce Packaging

Postal & E-commerce packaging have been on the rise for a while since many businesses offer a convenient delivery service directly to consumers’ doors. However, now more than ever, various organisations need postal packaging due to the COVID-19 outbreak, where businesses are encouraged to deliver their products to households in order to help their customers […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

As of 17/03/2020, following the most current Government advice and development around the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to update you and all our customers on the steps Garthwest are taking to help minimise the spread of COVID-19 and to secure our supply of packaging.Garthwest is very grateful to confirm that we’ve experienced no cases […]

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