7 Common Challenges to Overcome When Choosing Product Packaging

With budgets, shipping arrangements and environmental consequences to consider, choosing the best packaging for your product provokes several challenges. Alongside any practical concerns, organisations must acknowledge their customers’ needs, paying attention to the lasting impact of their packaging.  Striking packaging design can elevate your brand by encouraging repeat customers and inspiring new audiences. However, designing […]

Top Tips for Designing the Best SRP for Your Product

Shelf-ready packaging (also known as retail-ready packaging or SRP) does exactly what it says on the box, protecting products as they go from manufacture to sale points and ensuring they can be made, transported, stored and shelved with greater efficiency. When enhanced with engaging artwork, SRP can also attract target consumers, stand out against competitors […]

Sustainability: Three Ways to Make Your Cardboard Packaging Eco-friendly

With global shipping volume set to reach 200 billion parcels by 2025, brands are under pressure to streamline their packaging to reduce their environmental impact, attract consumers and save money. While cardboard packaging is widely celebrated for being biodegradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly, there are some additional ways to make your cardboard packaging even greener. […]

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