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ViSR is one of the leading virtual reality agencies in the UK. Born from Louis Deane, ViSR’s joint founder, love for technology and Garthwest’s managing director, Lindsay West’s, desire to keep the talented local youth within the region, ViSR is now offering full VR services – from creating a platform, through providing 360° filming and designing branded headsets.

Due to our close relationship we are proud to act as a partner and sole vendor for ViSR, offering businesses end-to-end VR solutions in areas such as training and education, health and safety, marketing or experience.


We can provide a full service approach to companies that are ready to explore the fantastic opportunities for marketing and training that exist in a virtual environment.

Garthwest’s Virtual Reality Achievements

We have expertise in Computer-Generated Images (CGI) and immersive or 360° video and we have been involved in many different VR projects, including:

  • Designing and manufacturing headsets for World of Tanks at the first mass cardboard VR event in the UK
  • Promotional films for national retailers in 360° video
  • On site filming of 360° content for Glastonbury Festival
  • Creating training videos for the NHS, a number of charities and a range of commercial customers


Our VR platform

It’s our role to ensure your VR is accessible for the right types of viewers. Through our virtual reality lab, ViSR, we have a content delivery platform that works on multiple devices and is customisable and flexible to suit your organisation.

Providing headsets

We supply only the best state of the art technologies for your events and training days. Garthwest acts as distributor for any permanent virtual reality which would be needed for your training requirements, and if you’re aiming to reach and audience of thousands, we can supply any number of Google cardboard compatible headsets.

We craft and deliver the most effective content

“Content is king” in marketing and in training, so by partnering with great creatives, as well as utilising our extensive in house capabilities, we can provide comprehensive content. We tailor everything to a specific audience and are an established company within the VR industry.

Guiding you through the VR landscape

The possible applications for VR are endless and transcend the boundaries of how we communicate through images. However as with any new technology, it is easy to be unsure of how it can be used to greatest effect, and this is where having a practical partner like us becomes invaluable. The video below tells the story of an app that was designed to put the viewer in the shoes of someone living with dementia using virtual reality. Our joint managing director, Lindsay West, and ViSR’s co-founder, discusses how simple the headsets are to use at 3:51.

To discuss your virtual reality needs, contact our strategists here.

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