Performance Packaging

Performance Grades of Paper

Upholding a high level of customer satisfaction is a key priority to Garthwest; we aim to be our clients’ preferred supplier and one that they can rely on.

We are committed to offering our customers a reliable, flexible and efficient service, combined with the facility to offer a wide range of board grade and flute profiles.

Our clients will receive creative, problem-solving advice on the right products for them. We will even suggest alternative board grades to achieve the balance of value and performance which best suits their individual needs.

We operate as a market leader in terms of performance packaging solutions. As such, Garthwest may change grades or fluting of lines supplied to ones that are more suitable. Suitability will be based on client requirements and will meet equal or higher performance levels.

Board Grades

Despite Kraft and Test liners being so popular, there are in fact a number of other options.

The available paper grades for outer and inner liners when manufacturing cardboard are as follows:

  • KRAFT (K): Virgin Kraft paper
  • TEST 2 (T2): Partly recycled liner paper
  • TEST 3 (T):  Fully recycled liner
  • CHIP (C): Waste based liners
  • FULLY BLEACHED WHITE (BW): Fully bleached Kraft liner
  • WHITE TOP (WT): White coated recycled liner
  • MOTTLED KRAFT (MK): Mottled white Kraft
  • OYSTER (OY): Mottled test liner
  • SEMI CHEM (SC): Virgin fibres using neutral sulphite semi-chemical process
  • WASTE BASED (WB) 100% recycled fibres


We check our board at every stage of the process. We check the paper quality, the tension, the heat, the starch, the scoring, the sitting, the stacking and the palletising when it comes off the production line.

Contact one of our team today if you feel your packaging needs re-evaluating, and read our blog to find out how we helped one of our clients to improve their environmental sustainability within their supply chain.

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