Die Cutting & Multipoint Gluing

Shape, form and style


We’ve been die cutting for more than 50 years and are at the forefront of the UK industry. We have state of the art die cutting machinery, both rotary and flatbed, for precision and volume work. In addition, we also have several semi automatic flatbed machines.

Multi-point gluing is another speciality of ours and we have several machines used for different processes. This combination allows us to manufacture a range of complex corrugated packaging. Such as crash lock base and 4 point gluing.

Design and styles

Almost all cardboard packaging that is not a regular case style (e.g. 0201) will be die cut and/or glued. Understanding how to design using the best practices for these methods is something we are expert in.

Styles made in this way include:


Trays are one of the most common forms of die cut style. They have a variety of uses such as packaging for cans and SRPs for supermarkets. Trays can also be used as packaging for bottles, fruit and vegetables. Trays are a cost effective and convenient method of creating simple, yet effective and versatile packaging.

More diverse pieces of packaging include: archive boxes, pizza style box, fitments such as bottle dividers, crash lock styles and large wraps.

Design and factoring


We have a design team who can create packaging for almost any application. They’re able to consult and create, taking you  from problem to solution through prototype, sampling, testing and supplying in bulk. Our scientific approach reduces the amount of packaging used, and it’s our mission to continually innovate and to improve the experience for both supplier and consumer.

We are used to acting as consultants when it comes to more complex projects and are experienced in managing production on behalf of our customers. We have access to an extensive network of manufacturing sites across the UK, making us able to supply nationwide.

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