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LIVE’ sales samples: mockups and prototypes that will assist you in showcasing to potential prospects, such as managers, buyers or brand executives.

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Our packaging mock-ups will meet and exceed the standards for retail, print or TV advertising through the use of vibrant colours, crisp images and quality materials, whether it is a physical packaging prototype or a 3D visual product packaging mock-up.

Combining a highly experienced team with a world-class, cutting-edge technology and equipment, we can offer you and your business premium quality, corrugated packaging prototyping and bespoke mock-up sample services for your needs.

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      Why choose our prototyping service solution?

  • Garthwest mock-ups will assist you in presenting easily the variations of your package for the market or simply for focus group testing purposes, reducing the guesswork on package design decisions.
  • Our packaging prototypes will provide you with the opportunity to clearly display your product to potential clients at industry trade shows, where the mock-ups will enhance your credibility when presenting your new ideas to your prospects by appealing to their senses, allowing them to see, feel, open and asses in a great detail.
  • Ultimately, the packaging prototypes will provide you with a powerful sales tool to assist you in targeting new clients through the ability of extensive customisation.

Regardless of how tight your deadline is or the purpose of your prototype, we can guarantee your mock-ups will be produced on time, every time, providing you and your business with options from a single mock-up to present to a potential buyer or customer, up to a few thousand for your market testing or to support your recent marketing campaign.

Our design and development team will guide and support you and your idea during the whole journey, from generating a bespoke concept to developing the best solution for you, right to holding your prototype in your hands. Years of experience in the packaging industry means we can confidently say that we have the required expertise to help you succeed.

Get in touch with our team for a project rate card or if you seek help with estimating the cost of your project.

A packaging solution for M&S flowers, a rectangular box with a pyramid peak at the top

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