Solving Packaging Challenges for Over 60 Years

Garthwest is an independent bespoke packaging solutions manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in sustainable corrugated cardboard packaging and Point of Sale (POS) displays. We’ve helped countless healthcare, e-commerce, education, and retail brands stand out with custom packaging and print solutions. 

We’re passionate about sustainability, innovative design, and customer success. Everything we do and create has a purpose. Whether it’s reducing carbon emissions, building brand awareness or helping you drive sales.

We make for you

Through flexible manufacturing and cutting-edge technology, we design, print and deliver bespoke packaging and POS displays to your exact needs. Our mission is simple: to help you stand out – for all the right reasons. Our high-quality, durable packaging creates unforgettable unboxing experiences, while our POS displays boost brand presence in busy retail settings.   

Garthwest’s in-house design team has combined experience of over 150 years and provides innovative solutions for making your products look, sell and transport better. As pioneers in packaging and POS design, our customers rely on us consistently for cost-effective packaging that hits the mark, every time.

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We innovate for you

At Garthwest, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. From concept to delivery, we approach the innovation process with the latest techniques and industry best practices. Our high-quality packaging and POS exceed expectations and capture the attention of your target audience.

We are skilled in branded print and structural design, helping minimise waste while reinforcing your brand image. We want your customers to love shopping with you, so we always consider the customer experience. With our custom solutions, you can maximise your brand reach and achieve business goals. 

Custom Packaging and POS Displays

We design, manufacture and deliver eco-friendly cardboard packaging and Point of Sale displays for various commercial needs. At Garthwest, every postal box and display is unique. No two are the same.

Our award-winning design team creates tailored solutions, fulfilling your custom requirements and helping you drive sales.

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Efficient, Flexible, Reliable

At Garthwest, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer care that you can rely on time and time again. Whether you’re an SME or a global enterprise, we will identify the best solution that matches your unique needs, always aiming for the most functional and cost-efficient option.

Over 60 years, we’ve built a solid reputation for meeting deadlines, maintaining product quality, and providing exceptional customer support to our valued clients. 

Our trusted network of logistic partners ensures our supply chain remains constant, promising supply even at challenging times. If you’re seeking a reliable packaging supplier, choose Garthwest. We’re here to support you now and for the future.

Environmentally Aware

We care about the future, and we’re helping to make a difference through sustainable manufacturing. We responsibly source materials, implement low-carbon production methods and offer 100% recyclable products. This allows not only to reduce our carbon impact, but benefits you, too. 


Our mission is to help our customers reduce costs, boost their brand image, and minimise carbon impact. All through our eco-friendly packaging and POS.

Recent Projects

Explore our custom packaging and POS display work with sectors across the UK.

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Packaging and POS FAQs

Cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We use cardboard as the material for all our packaging and POS display products.

Double wall cardboard boxes are ideal for transporting heavy, fragile products. It offers extra protection as it has double the strength of single-wall boxes. Single-wall cardboard boxes are a lightweight packaging solution for other goods. 

Contact our team to learn what cardboard box variety is best for your product packaging

Yes. The Garthwest team uses advanced machinery to custom print any logo, design or pattern onto your packaging.

Our design team will flat pack your custom Point of Sales (POS) displays and prepare it shipment to your requested location. Flat packing is an ideal solution for minimising your fleet’s carbon emissions and storage costs.

Testliner is a recycled double layered paper which we use alongside Kraft paper, a virgin fibre paper made from softwood trees. Our corrugated cardboard boxes use both Kraft and Testliner paper grades for the outer and inner liners to optimise its durability.

Yes. Garthwest offer 60 years of experience in custom cardboard packaging and POS displays. Our design and artwork team will work closely with you, creating a solution that reflects your brand.