Shelf-Ready Cardboard Packaging

Maximising Your Sales with Minimum Effort: Shelf-Ready Packaging.

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Increasingly popular as its usefulness in the modern supply chain, cardboard SRP is a solution that gets your products from A to B, having them ready to retail at minimum time and effort, cutting the cost.

How your SRP will benefit you, the retailer and your products consumer?

In a number of ways:

  • Easy handling – simple to open and robust throughout the supply chain
  • Easy to merchandise – simplifies replenishment and optimises shelf space
  • High availability – maintains high product availability leading to increased sales
  • Bespoke design- designed to your brand and supply chain requirements
  • Sustainable materials – recyclable and sustainable
  • Simplify the shopping experience – source products quickly
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Through quality & precise die-cutting, multi-point gluing, print and extensive design capabilities Garthwest’s corrugated cardboard SRP has the proven ability to drive sales and cut costs.

We can  help you meet your sustainability goals with more efficient and lighter packs.

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