Shelf-Ready Cardboard Packaging

Maximise your in-store sales with custom Shelf-Ready Packaging (SRP). Our SRP is the perfect solution for meeting consumer demands and supply chain challenges.

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Practical Shelf-Ready Packaging for Retail

At Garthwest, we help retailers move their products from storage to shelf with effective Shelf-Ready Packaging. SRP is an easy-to-assemble retail packaging solution that protects your products during transit. Retailers can quickly and efficiently open and store your branded packaging without requiring assembly, maximising supply chain efficiency. 

We design your custom SRP based on your size requirements and retailer’s shelf space, making your products easy to find. Retailers can easily identify and replenish your SRP as stock runs low, improving product availability. With optimal stock replenishment, you’ll minimise storage costs and see sales grow.  

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Increase Product Visibility in the Busiest Retail Settings

SRP, or Retail Ready Packaging (RRP), is designed with the shopping experience in mind. Retailers can position your RRP/SRP anywhere, including checkouts, encouraging impulse purchases. Shelf-Ready Packaging increases your product’s visibility, using eye-catching branding and labelling to attract shoppers passing by.

With effective placement, shoppers can locate your product, creating a seamless experience that increases potential sales. At Garthwest, we offer over 60 years of experience working with successful retail brands. Enhance the presentation of your products and streamline the restocking process for improved efficiency.

Grow Brand Awareness With Bespoke Design & Artwork

Whether promoting a product launch or pushing existing sales, SRP will grab your customer’s attention. Our dedicated design teams combine industry experience and the latest technology to create corrugated packaging that is unique to you. Choose from custom sizes, structural designs and material options to prevent damage during shipping whilst increasing impulse purchases in-store.   

Our Shelf-Ready Packaging has a highly visible surface area, allowing for custom brand artwork, product information and powerful marketing messages. Our innovative approach will help raise brand awareness, increasing sales along the way.

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Sustainable Shelf-Ready Packaging Solutions

Garthwest is a trusted cardboard packaging supplier that puts the environment first. We manufacture our Shelf-Ready Packaging in-house and work with responsible suppliers, minimising our company’s carbon emissions. 

Our SRP is 100% recyclable and eliminates secondary packaging, which reduces waste and keeps costs low. Improve your supply chain’s footprint with Garthwest today. 

Shelf-Ready Packaging FAQs

SRP stands for Shelf-Ready Packaging. Also known as Retail Ready Packaging (RRP), SRP are boxes used to store products on retail shelves. Upon arrival, retail workers can easily place your SRP straight onto the shop floor without hassle.  

Garthwest is proud to supply 100% recyclable and biodegrable cardboard SRP. We also offer FSC® certified packaging for brands going further with their sustainability initiatives.

Shelf-Ready Packaging offers many advantages, including:


  • Improves product availability; 
  • Minimises storage and transport costs; 
  • Reduces packaging waste; 
  • Quicker and easier replenishment; 
  • Prevents product damage during transit; and, 
  • Improves shopper experience

Yes. We have a dedicated team who can fulfil and prepare your packaging with your selected products. We’ll also deliver your SRP to your chosen retailers so your products can get on the shelves quicker. 

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