Custom Die Cut Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard packaging made seamless. Die cut boxes are a popular choice of packaging, offering great versatility and durability. Explore how Garthwest creates tailored designs for any packaging requirement.

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Die Cut Boxes, Die Cut Cardboard Packaging, Garthwest

Streamline Assembly and Fulfilment with Bespoke Die Cut Boxes 

Die cut cardboard boxes are an extremely popular packaging solution, offering a range of benefits in the supply chain, including customisation, protection, efficiency, and sustainability. Die cut packaging  advantages contribute to a streamlined and cost-effective packing process for various industries and sectors

Available in bespoke sizes and all FEFCO styles, including 0427 ‘pizza-style’ boxes. We offer robust designs that deliver a customised appearance as well as great protection in transit. At Garthwest, we also produce self-seal die cut boxes that use pre-applied tape to speed up the packing process.

Our teams use the latest die-cutting machinery and equipment to produce consistent, high-quality packaging. Our packaging travels and arrives flat-packed, helping you to optimise transport and inventory space. Whether you require a small or high-volume order, you can rely on Garthwest for fast turnaround that meets your product requirements and budget.

Custom Die Cut Packaging Boxes 

Die-cut boxes can be precisely tailored to fit the specific dimensions of your product, ensuring a snug fit. Additionally, they provide opportunities for creative and customised designs, allowing for branding elements, logos, and product information to be prominently displayed. This helps in creating a distinctive brand image.

Elevate your product presentation with our custom die cut boxes. We understand your products demand a tailored approach that “off-the-shelf” solutions can’t match. We design our die cut packaging with precision to meet your unique requirements for strength and size. Our expertise in structural design ensures optimal space utilisation, reducing waste and costs while enhancing functionality.

You can choose from various fitment and insert options, adding an extra layer of customisation to your packaging. Trust us to provide exceptional, tailored solutions that enhance your brand’s image and protect your products during transit.


Custom Die Cut Boxes, Die Cut Cardboard Packaging, Die Cut Boxes
Die Cut Boxes, Die Cut Cardboard Packaging, Custom Die Cut Boxes

100% Recyclable, Biodegradable Packaging 

A brand’s reputation hinges on its commitment to the planet and its people. Accelerate your sustainability initiatives with our eco-friendly die cut packaging. We use 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard, helping minimise carbon emissions and bolster your reputation as a sustainable brand.

But our dedication to sustainability doesn’t stop at die-cut boxes. At Garthwest, all our offerings, including our exceptional Point of Sales (POS) displays, are crafted with biodegradable cardboard. We are committed to creating environmentally friendly packaging for every industry. Choose us to take your brand’s sustainable journey to the next level.

Enhance Brand Identity with Stand Out Print  

We’ll collaborate with you during the innovation process at every step, tailoring our custom die-cut boxes to your unique specifications. Whether it’s logos or essential instructions, our team ensures your brand is truly represented. 

We deliver custom-made packaging for various industries, helping them to create a concept that resonates with your brand and customers.

Custom Die Cut Boxes, Bespoke Die Cut Boxes, Garthwest

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