Glossary of Terms

Discover key terms, industry jargon, and insightful explanations to elevate your knowledge in the packaging industry.

Chop edgeThe length of the sheet
Cobb TestTest to determine the weight increase of a material exposed to water for a given time
DeckleThe width of the paper or board being run on a corrugator
Double wall boardA combination of two layers of board. The board therefore comprises of: liner/fluting/liner/fluting/liner
Edge Crush Test (ECT)A corrugated board strength test of vertical crush resistance
Enhanced FlutingA substitute to standard fluting that adds strength and performance to the material
Exposed FluteA double wall material with the outside liner removed
FluteA single ridge in the fluting medium or on a corrugator roll
Fluting profileThe shape of the corrugations
GrammageWeight of paper specified as g/m2 (grams per square metre)
Liner InnerPaper used for the inside of the corrugated board
Liner OuterPaper used for the outside of the corrugated board
MicrofluteF, N-fluting medium
MottledA paper liner with an off white appearance
Single faceOne piece of fluting glued to one liner only
Single wallA board combination comprising of: liner/flute/liner
Slit edgeThe edge of the sheet that has the flute running parallel with it. It is also known as the width of the material

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