Standees & Cardboard Cutouts

Make an impact at the point of sale, promotional events or exhibitions with eye-catching standees. Custom-made every time.

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Bespoke Standees and Strut Cards

Whether promoting a product launch or driving traffic at a trade event, cardboard standees are a great tool for attracting the right attention. Garthwest offers a selection of structural designs, from floor-standing, life-size cutouts to mini strut cards for countertop promotions. Each option is entirely free-standing with an added strut at the rear or double-sided on a base. We can also incorporate drill holes and cable ties for post-mounting. 


Our printed standees are durable yet stylish and readily available for indoor and outdoor use. Choose corrugated cardboard for its super lightweight appeal, allowing you to easily carry, set up, and reuse your standees across shop floors or exhibitions. For added durability, we use Correx® boards—100 % waterproof, impact-resistant, reusable, and perfect for outdoor events. 

Standees for a childrens book
Alice in wonderland standee

Catch Attention with Impactful Design & Print

Like FSDUs and CDUs, standees are a high-impact POS solution that demands attention in even the busiest environments. Our award-winning design team works alongside you in our innovation process to help you stand out using unique print and structural design.


Our printed standees and strut cards can include 3D pop-out components and leaflet or product holder attachments to increase brand engagement. For maximum 360-degree impact, opt for a double-sided standee that showcases your brand from all angles. Each standee can include your custom artwork, graphic design, and custom finishing.

Cardboard Standees Made to Last

After perfecting your prototype standee, we’ll move to manufacturing, ensuring the quality, strength, and assembly are seamlessly aligned. Whether made with Correx® or corrugated cardboard, our standees and strut cards are designed to be reused and reassembled time and time again. In retail, store assistants can quickly set up, move and fulfil standees to ensure your products are always within reach. 


Our space-saving flat-packed design allows you to store or transport your standees to any event, store or outdoor space. For added compartments or shelving, explore our free standing display units (FSDU), which are a perfect addition to your promotional marketing campaign.  

Wheres wally standee
Childrens book standee

Manufactured Responsibly

We design standees to leave an impact on your customers – not the planet. Sustainability leads our innovation process from conception to delivery. 


Flatpack delivery, 100% recyclable materials and optimised structural design ensures you’ll save costs and keep waste and carbon emissions at a minimum. We also offer responsibly sourced FSC® certified cardboard for brands meeting the growing demand for sustainable packaging

Cardboard Standees FAQs

Standees are free-standing displays die-cut in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are an effective marketing tool for promoting your product or service and an entertaining way to raise brand awareness. 

Standees come single-sided with a strut or double-sided on a base.

Strut cards are promotional countertop stands that advertise products, services, or valuable information. They are entirely free-standing and supported by a strut at the rear. 

Garthwest’s standees are available in various custom sizes. For those tight on space, choose a countertop strut card to promote your products near the point of display. 

We also offer life-size and extra-large floor-standing standees for a bigger impact.

Standees are usually designed for indoor promotions but can be custom-made with Correx® board. Correx® is a 100% waterproof, impact-resistant and durable board material. If you’re looking for outdoor POS, contact our team to learn more

Our standees are available in corrugated cardboard or Correx® board. Our clients can also upgrade to FSC® certified cardboard (for indoor use only).

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