Cardboard Produce Trays & Boxes

Easily transport, access and restock your fresh produce with Garthwest’s eco-friendly food storage trays. Durable, cost-effective and ideal for fruit and vegetables of all shapes and sizes.

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Keep Your Fresh Produce Safe With Food Storage Trays

In need of practical food packaging for your fresh produce? Our cardboard produce trays offer the ultimate convenience for suppliers transporting fresh vegetables and fruit far and wide. We manufacture food storage trays to your exact requirements, ensuring a wide surface area for your produce to remain free from damage. 

Our produce trays are equipped with holes to improve ventilation and keep your produce fresh on arrival. You can deliver produce with better breathability as temperature and humidity change. Our corrugated cardboard trays are suitable for loose or pre-packaged foods and evenly distribute weight to carry heavier items. Available in sizes 60cm x 40cm and 40cm x 30cm. 

Produce Trays
Produce Trays

Quickly Supply and Restock Produce Without Delay

Our produce trays arrive flat-packed to save on transport and storage costs. When required, easily assemble each tray by hand or with machinery to ensure they lock in place for seamless distribution. Our cardboard produce trays include cut-out holes for comfortable handling across warehouse and shop floors. 

Garthwest’s stackable food trays slot vertically together for an appealing, space-saving solution in busy stores. With an open-top design, store workers can easily restock produce as stock runs low, improving product availability during busier periods. See sales increase and keep supply chain costs minimal with multi-functional produce trays. 

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Produce Trays

Garthwest solely manufactures 100% recyclable cardboard packaging and POS displays ideal for innovative and eco-friendly brands. Our food storage trays are a responsible alternative to their plastic counterpart and are created with robust materials to ensure multiple uses. 

For over 60 years, Garthwest has grown as an innovator in sustainable packaging, using expert structural design, eco-friendly shipping practices, and materials to protect your produce. By using our greener produce trays, you’ll gain recognition as a responsible supplier and help protect the wider environment.  

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TECO Erecting Machinery

Automate Packaging Assembly with TECO Machinery

Garthwest is a trusted distributor of TECO’s T2N automatic tray former. This effective machinery automates the folding and glueing our fruit and vegetable cardboard trays without hand assembly. Reliable and cost-effective, TECO’s erecting machinery allows you to create hundreds of produce trays when required.

Our engineers will install and maintain the TECO machine on-site and provide training to ensure your team maximises its full capabilities. Want to learn more? Contact Garthwest to learn about TECO machinery.

Produce Trays & Boxes FAQs

Garthwest manufactures cardboard trays in the industry standard sizes: 60cm x 40cm and 40cm x 30cm. 

Our produce can carry all types of fruit and vegetables. We’ll incorporate double-walled cardboard and custom structural design elements for heavier items to improve durability.

We can deliver your produce trays flat packed or fully assembled based on your requirements. Our trays are easy to assemble and can be done by hand or with TECO machinery. If you’d like to learn more about TECO machinery, contact Garthwest directly.

Our food trays maintain your produce’s safety during transit. We install ventilation holes to improve airflow and use packaging materials that meet food hygiene regulations.

Our produce trays are easy to stack, so you can minimise storage space and increase product availability. We design each tray with an open-top design so shoppers can easily access your produce.   

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