Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)

Put your products on a pedestal – where they belong. Drive sales with customised stand-alone shelving that lasts.

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Durable Free Standing Display Units (FSDU)

With sturdy shelves for your products and plenty of space for branding, free standing display units (FSDUs) are a powerful asset to your marketing campaigns. Measuring from the ground to head height (with shorter options available), free standing display units attract attention in high-traffic areas and increase your brand visibility.

Made from our pioneering corrugated cardboard, our free standing display units are lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable. Our FSDUs can be permanent extra shelving. They can withstand thousands of stock replenishments and easily move around the store.

Over 70% of purchase decisions are made once customers have entered a store. Make your products stand out from the crowd with free standing display units.

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Meticulously Designed with Your Customers in Mind

We design and manufacture all of our free standing display units in-house to order. Thanks to our award-winning design team and cutting-edge machinery, we can create highly bespoke designs.

We’ve been innovating in promotional POS for 60 years and we’ve developed a robust innovation process. This makes sure we explore every conceptual angle and your display unit achieves every one of your objectives. We will work closely with you to create the structure and artwork. Then, you can preview 3D images and life-size prototypes.

In the UK, the retail sector has strict rules for the style, sizing, and branding of free standing display units. On top of that, specific retailers might have additional requirements. Our consultants and designers are experienced in these regulations and will help you navigate them. Restrictions and problem-solving fuels our innovation and creativity.

Choose to Pre-Stock Your Quarter Pallet FSDUs

Our smaller free standing display units are known as quarter pallet FSDUs. The footprint (base size) of these units is: 600mm x 500mm or 600mm x 400mm. 

While free standing units stand on the floor, quarter pallet display units sit on pallets. This optimises the space and makes heavy items easy to move around with a pallet truck. They work particularly well in smaller shops at the ends of aisles or next to the till.

Get your products delivered already stocked in your custom quarter pallet display units. This means your products go from delivery to display seamlessly. Alternatively, we can deliver flatpack units which are easy to assemble and save on transport costs.

¼ Pallet FSDU’s Corrugated Display Unit for USN
Floor Standing Display Unit for a healthy drinks company with 4 different levels

The Sustainable Choice for Promoting Your Products

At Garthwest, protecting the environment is never an afterthought, it’s a critical factor in every decision we make from design to delivery. 

All of our products are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Our designers are committed to developing solutions that use less materials. We minimise transport emissions with flatpack designs and minimal packaging and make sure our FSDUs – at our site and our customers’ – are recycled.

Free Standing Display Units FAQs

Free-standing display unit. These POS (point of sale) displays offer shelving for your products and lots of space for your branding. Free-standing display units attract attention in high-traffic retail areas and encourage impulse purchases.

QP-FSDU stands for quarter pallet free standing display unit. Rather than sitting on the floor, they sit on pallets and are a smaller option to FSDUs. We can deliver quarter pallet free standing display units pre-stocked with your products or in flatpack form.

Cardboard – with a pioneering corrugated construction that is extremely strong, durable and lightweight. This innovative approach saves on materials while giving you the quality and reliability you need – even with heavy products. Our cardboard is also 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

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