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Investing in impactful Home Entertainment POS displays is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy and by creating eye-catching displays that effectively showcase your products and brand, we can help you improve sales, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive business growth.

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Home Entertainment POS for Jumanji dvd

For decades, Garthwest has been the POS designer, manufacturer, distributor and co-packer for a number of large film distributors, from Universal Studios (UCA) to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Our customers consistently have various POS item campaigns going out to multiple stores in Mainland UK, Highlands and Islands. Quantities vary from a few hundred to a few thousand POS items at a time, each with bespoke artwork arrangements for the varying titles and release dates.

We continuously aim to create a viable workflow for our clients in order to streamline the artwork and design processes efficiently between each party. This improves lead times by removing funnels that could cause potential delays within the process.

  • FSDUs and CDUs with pockets for retailing DVDs, CDs, and video games.
  • Units are either for counter use or free-standing floor units. There is a range of materials, sizes and print techniques to meet your marketing needs.
  • Corrugated fillers for each pocket to reduce product movement during transit.
  • Ideal for long-term use or short promotions.
  • POS units are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

There is nothing that catches the eye in a retail store better than a well-designed point of sale display; and in today’s times, with more video games being released, Blu Ray DVD’s and CD albums available, it’s always a great idea to market and stock various brands at the same time.

These visually appealing and cost-effective solutions to in-store marketing are the perfect way to stand out in a crowded retail environment and promote the next big title. Our team of design experts have years of experience and expertise into bringing your marketing campaigns to life.

Home Entertainment POS for Maleficient dvd

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