Conventional Cardboard Packaging

The FEFCO 0201 box style, commonly referred to as a standard slotted case, is one of the most common and cost-effective styles of corrugated cardboard packaging. A single piece of material with a glued joint, the top and bottom flaps allow for easy assembly and closure typically with adhesive tape.

Garthwest can supply cardboard 0201 boxes in bespoke sizes, with a wide choice of board grades (single or double walled), as well as custom options including print, die cut hand holes, and more.

This simple one-piece design makes efficient use of material, and is supplied flat to minimise storage space before assembly.

Key Benefits of 0201 Boxes:

  • Cost-effective – no tooling costs.
  • Can be manufactured at custom sizes to suit your products.
  • Easily assembled and sealed using packaging tapes.
  • Can include hand holes for improved usability.
  • Full printing options, simple logos and instructions to colourful graphics.
  • Supplied flat for minimised transit and storage costs

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