e-Commerce Peel & Seal Postal Boxes

Self-seal or Peel & Seal Postal boxes are becoming ever so popular due to the number of useful feature that they offer.

Almost all common box styles can be adapted and added the self-seal feature, however, the most preferred and used style is FEFCO’s 0427.

Our self-sealing postal boxes are fully customisable and can be any size you need, combining quality, style and convenience – ultimately reducing packing time and cost to you and offering pleasant and professional unboxing experience to your customers.

Peel and seal postal boxes offer simple assembly, require no glue or tape sealing by pre-applied effective adhesive strip that allows the flat postal box to be closed quickly and securely.

For your customer convenience the box has tearing strip which allows easy open and unrivaled unboxing experience and most importantly, it is 100% sustainable with no plastic involved.

Key Benefits of Peel & Seal Postal Boxes:

  • Cost-effective – reducing your packing time and effort.
  • Can be manufactured at custom sizes to suit your products.
  • Easily assembled – require no glue or tape
  • Can be printed to showcase your brand and product
  • Supplied flat for minimised transit and storage costs

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