Creative Design & Print

Bespoke display units are the ideal way to create a fully branded haven within a crowded retail environment 

Your product can stand out amongst rival brands, and you can guarantee it will always be presented in the same way due to the unique design of the unit. Garthwest’s bespoke cardboard display units are built to last:

  • Using premium grades of board.
  • Building strength into the key strain points.
  • Using special moisture-resistant coatings.

Design Services

With a custom-designed display unit, you have full control of how your product,service or brand is presented to your customers and prospects.

Our standard service includes an initial consultation to assess your ideas.

  1. This can occur through either email, a friendly phone call with one of our expert designers or perhaps even a visit to our main site in Hull.
  2. After an initial conversation regarding your requirements, we can send you a 3D visual of how your display unit will look.
  3. If we receive your approval, we then send you a template for the printable areas of the stand for you to set out your artwork onto.
  4. If required, a physical pre-production mock-up can be produced and sent to you. However, this is a chargeable extra. Usually, all or part of this charge will be credited later when you place a bulk order for a significant number of units.

Our more in-depth service includes everything mentioned above including our creative team designing the print graphics to go on the unit, using any creatives you supply. If you don’t have a specific idea in mind, then as part of our more in-depth service, we can create a brand new design concept from scratch, to display your units in the most effective and practical manner.


Prices depend on a number of factors, including:

  1. The quantity required.
  2. How much design time is needed to create your unit. This is owing to the fact that not only do we put a great deal of effort into perfecting your units, but we also extensively test all our new designs in real life, to ensure they are sturdy and easy to assemble, as well as looking magnificent!
  3. Print coverage and special finishes, such as lamination and machine varnish.
  4. Accessories required, such as hooks or splash trays, and any bespoke fixtures that we include as part of the display design you require.


However you prefer to have your display units supplied, we can oblige.

  1. We can supply them flat packed in bulk.
  2. We can ship them flat within individual protective outer wraps, ready to be sent on to retailers.
  3. We can fully assemble them and supply them in larger outer wraps – ‘ready-to-go’.
  4. In a recent large project, we have not only fully assembled the units, but we also loaded stock onto them, for a complete FSDU fulfillment service.  Therefore, if you require us to deliver your FSDUs to multiple retailer addresses, all ready-stocked and loaded, just let us know!

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