Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard: Sustainable packaging alternative material for your needs

  • Corrugated is a rigid shipping and packaging medium that can be cut and folded into an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, constructed to an almost scientific specification, even allowing direct print with high resolution graphics.
  • Corrugated offers almost unlimited possible combinations of board types, flute sizes, paper weights, adhesive types, treatments and coatings depending on customer requirements.
  • Corrugated Board is made from papers made up from cellulose fibres, which are virgin or recycled.
  • Corrugated board is made from a combination of two sheets of paper called liners glued to a corrugated inner medium called the fluting.
  • These three layers of paper are assembled in a way which gives the overall structure a better strength than that of each distinct layer.
  • This construction forms a series of connected arches which gives the ability to support strong weights.
  • The air which circulates in the flutes also serves as an insulator and provides excellent protection against temperature variations.
  • There are many types of corrugated, such as single faced corrugated board, single wall corrugated board, twin wall corrugated board triple wall corrugated board where  each is  with different flute sizes and profiles in order to offer many combinations designed to create packaging with different characteristics, strength and performances.
  • Corrugated packaging is a versatile, economic, light, robust, recyclable, practical and yet dynamic form of packaging.

The environmental benefits of corrugated performance packaging:

• Less waste means less trees required to produce the cardboard.
• Less pallets were required during transport.
• Fuel savings when more flat-packed cases could be carried at once.

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