Investing in impactful Free Standing Display Units is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy and by creating eye-catching displays that effectively showcase your products and brand, we can help you improve sales, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive business growth.

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Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU)

Free standing display units play a pivotal role in the marketing and sales of products in today’s retail market. Drawing attention towards various products, they also help to improve your brand recognition.

Our FSDUs are manufactured using lightweight and durable cardboard, allowing you to position the unit in a variety of locations and display your products for longer periods. Additionally, our units are bespoke and made to order, providing you with the opportunity to make your display unit one of a kind. The customisable design process allows you to make the FSDU a complete reflection of your brand, further optimising the function of the unit.

Our FSDUs are flat packed here at Garthwest, helping to reduce storage and distribution costs. This also ensures that product assembly and disassembly are as easy and simple as possible. Through flat packing the FSDU, the time spent merchandising your products is ultimately optimised and reduced.

Within the UK, the retail sector has specific rulings for the style, sizing, and branding of FSDUs. Because of this, it is essential to be aware of the specifications for individual retailers. Our consultants and designers are always on hand to offer guidance and advice regarding these specifications, especially when considering the suitability of your free-standing display unit.  

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¼ Pallet FSDU’s Corrugated Display Unit for USN

Quarter Pallet FSDU’s

The footprint of quarter pallet FSDU’s is normally a footprint of 600mm x 500mm or 600mm x 400mm. Quarter pallets are extremely versatile, they can utilise shelves in the unit to display a number of separate products or bulk filled with one product.

Key Benefits of 1/4 Pallet FSDU’s:

  • Lightweight so you can position the unit wherever you wish.
  • Easy to assemble, ultimately reducing the amount of time spent merchandising your products.
  • Flexibility for retailers to periodically add stock without changing shelf formats.
  • Durable so you can display your products for a long period of time
  • Flat-packed or Pre-filled with individual outers.
  • Bespoke and customised print.

You have a choice of how you have your quarter pallet display units delivered. They can be flat packed for ease of storage and transport to the store where they can be assembled and stocked or, alternatively, they can be pre-assembled and pre-filled being shipped to store. We can offer you both!

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