3 Ways to Improving Your Product Shipping Times: Postal & E-commerce Packaging

Postal & E-commerce packaging have been on the rise for a while since many businesses offer a convenient delivery service directly to consumers’ doors. However, now more than ever, various organisations need postal packaging due to the COVID-19 outbreak, where businesses are encouraged to deliver their products to households in order to help their customers comply with the government’s advice and stay at home. Additionally, lots of consumers are already self-isolating and have no other option but to order their essentials to be delivered to their doorstep, all putting a huge pressure on suppliers of food and other essentials to be able to deliver quickly and efficiently.

As a combined effort at Garthwest, we are working as hard as we can to ensure the supply of essential goods continues to reach these communities without any disruption. As a result, here we share our 3 tips to improve your product shipping times through your packaging by reviewing the cycle of: pick the item, pack it, seal it, stick a label on it and ship it:

Right size vs. oversized

1. Size & strength – By using a cardboard box that is especially tailored to your product, both in terms of size and material, you can save time and effort as this strategy will eliminate the need of placing extra fillers and other non-necessary cushioning. This will also speed up your packing time, whilst also reducing your shipping and packaging consumables’ cost.

single wall crash lock

2. Design and usability – By choosing the appropriate design, you can utilise and make the most of your packaging usability. Fox example, choosing crash-lock or envelope style bottom cardboard box can help you save time as you will eliminate lots of fiddling, taping and other unnecessary handling, but rather focus on packaging your next parcel. Also, wrap-style corrugated cardboard packaging is a very good option as it wraps around the product in a swiftly manner, requiring no fuss but offering a quick and efficient dispatch solution.

Print Shipping Labels from WordPress Using WooCommerce

3. Print & artwork – By printing your shipper packaging, you are not only visibly displaying your branding, but also eliminating the need of using and wasting time in placing  stickers and labels such as ‘Fragile’, ’This way up’, weigh content guide, etc. Appropriate artwork application can also help both the courier and your customer to navigate the parcel easier and safer.

moving box extra large 6.1

There are many other factors that can help you choose the right Postal & Ecommerce packaging for your goods but can leave one overwhelmed and indecisive over what option would be best for their product.

Not to worry, with over 50 years of experience in creating and manufacturing packaging for food, drink, pharmaceutical and many other industries, we are here to help.

Offering fast and efficient solutions to your needs, our team of experts will propose the best packaging; just get in touch!