Christmas Packaging and POS Design Trends – 2023

Now that summer is nearly over, businesses will start preparing for the inevitable busy months ahead. During Christmas in the UK, households spent over £30 billion in-store and online from 2017-2022. As such, businesses must ensure they are ready for this demand with effectively planned product packaging and point of sale (POS) displays.  If you […]

How Garthwest Meets Client’s Christmas Packaging Demand

Christmas is a time of merry gift-giving and increased online and in-store shopping. Over the last 60 years, Garthwest has helped sectors from FMCG and retail to cosmetics prepare for the holiday flurry with efficient and effective packaging delivery.  Last year, Finder predicted that the average Briton spent £430 on Christmas gifts. With all these […]

Why Branded Postal Boxes Are Versatile for All Industries

Custom Die Cut Boxes, Bespoke Die Cut Boxes, Garthwest

Branded postal boxes provide businesses unlimited opportunities to market their brand, elevate customer experience and stand out. At Garthwest, our branded packaging can be custom-made into promotional kits, sample packs, subscription boxes and branded presentation boxes. Whatever you need, we’ll create something that tells your story. In this blog, we’ll explore our previous work to […]

5 Creative Ideas for Designing Eye-Catching Branded Presentation Boxes

5 Creative Ideas for Designing Eye-Catching Branded Presentation Boxes Feature Image

Besides your website, your packaging is one of the first times a customer interacts with your brand. Making a lasting impression is essential to improve customer satisfaction and encourage them to repeat purchases. When a parcel arrives at your customers’ doorstep, you can reinforce your brand identity with a carefully crafted branded presentation box. For […]

Choose Garthwest as Your Onshore Packaging and Print Manufacturer

Recently, there has been a drive in demand for onshore manufacturing where more brands are seeking to source manufacturing services within domestic and national borders. Onshore manufacturing brings excellent advantages for organisations seeking to take control of their supply chain. From shorter lead times to higher-quality materials, onshore manufacturing can help lower carbon emissions and potential supply chain costs. […]

How Onshore Manufacturing Can Benefit the Supply Chain

Over the first quarter of this year, we have seen an increase in British manufacturing activity as the global and domestic markets have improved. Despite many organisations choosing to outsource from offshore manufacturing, we now see onshore UK manufacturing as a growing industry. China, the United States and Japan are three of the largest manufacturing countries in the […]

Why Peel & Seal Packaging Is a Must-Have for E-commerce

For online brands, it is important to have cost-effective packaging to transport your products from A to B. At Garthwest, we provide self-sealing corrugated postal boxes which are an efficient, cost-saving solution to your packaging challenges.  Peel & Seal postal boxes are simple to assemble and will keep your products safe with a pre-applied adhesive […]

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Peel & Seal Postal Boxes

As experts in cardboard packaging, we always look for ways to expand our solutions range so our customers can get their products safely transported and in the retail spotlight. We now offer Peel & Seal postal boxes as part of our expanding portfolio of eco-friendly cardboard packaging.  Commonly known as ‘Peel & Seal’ or self-seal […]

How Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) Can Boost Your In-Store Sales

Free standing display unit (FSDU)

Over 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store, so you need to get your point-of-sale (POS) display right the first time. And since you are fighting against the competition in a busy retail space, you need to differentiate yourself with powerful promotional print and custom POS cardboard displays. One way this can be achieved is […]