Plastic to Cardboard – The Green Initiative

As you may be aware, the final episode of Blue Planet 2 recently aired.  It was a pivotal moment for the series as it showed the effects of pollution on our ecosystems.  Terrible scenes of plastics in our oceans showed the horrifying impact on our wildlife.  Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any sign of imminent change.  However, all hope is not lost! Television host and wildlife activist, David Attenborough, has said that, “we could do something internationally about plastic tomorrow.  And I just wish we could.”

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To us, the solution is clear. Why not switch from plastic to cardboard?  Our cardboard packaging at Garthwest originates from a highly sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable natural substrate; paper.  This is a feature of our product that we highly pride ourselves on as we have always strived to be an ethical manufacturer.

We have championed good practices and initiatives with regard to our sustainability, recyclability and overall environmental impact.  This has been demonstrated through our installation of a 162.5KW solar Photovoltaic System on our main site and our countless recycling activities.  As a result, we have reduced our carbon footprint by an impressive 85,005kg a year!  Furthermore, any cardboard waste produced at our main site also undergoes bailing.  This is then later re-used ensuring sustainability within the paper supply chain.


Sadly, since the mid-seventies, we have seen a shift away from paper into plastic packaging, mostly due to first wave cost impact to client, but usually not for environmental reasons.  This is despite the environmental benefits of utilising paper for packaging. But now is the time for us to treat our oceans with respect and give them the chance to recover from this invasion of petrochemical toxins.


Let’s go green and keep our planet blue.

Our team members would love to help provide you with performance grade papers, as we have done for several major FMCG clients.  Just give us a call or leave an enquiry, and we will ensure that your transition to cardboard is a smooth one.