One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How to Nail Your E-commerce Packaging!

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In today’s ever growing world of e-commerce and online shopping, the demand for reliable, durable and innovative packaging grows day after day. Online retailers realised that packing and shipping is no longer a simple task. Nowadays consumers are hungry for not just their desired item, but for the whole shopping experience even for the. It starts from easily browsing  the website, through the simplicity of the payment methods provided, to tracking, receiving and unboxing their purchase.

Packaging is now becoming  part of online retailers’ marketing, providing with a great opportunity to put the final touches to consumer experience, with the ultimate aim to impress and exceed their expectations. You achieve this by going above and beyond just delivering a product, delivering a unique experience. More and more online retailers need a solution that allows them to deliver their products safely, but at  the same time to be able to add their brand signature and personalise it towards the customer.

There are three essential packaging attributes when it comes to effective and impressive e-commerce packaging:

When deciding on packaging for shipping an e-commerce goods it should not be ignored that  the packaging indicates to customers how much the retailer cares about them and their order. Sometimes this can be a tricky one to get right!

Many online retailers think that over-packing their goods is a safe and great way to deliver their products and  say “we care” at the same time. Unfortunately, it is not quite this simple.


Over-packed items are considered to annoy their receivers due to either difficulties of unpacking the complex and excess packaging or  just because some people consider the excessive packaging as a waste. This really can put off customers! So, to avoid it, make sure you simplify and choose packaging that is appropriate for the size and in the same time for the security of the product. Cut the excess, stay simple!

Cases such as packing a 100ml bottle of fragrance into a massive box which could fit 3 pairs of shoes can really turn a customer off. Especially disengaging are situations where the opening mechanism is messy or confusing. Once inside the box a few meters of wrapping paper or bubble wrap can make the experience even more annoying. Surely, they will end up thinking there must be a better way to get my favourite perfume!

Saving  money by reducing excessive packaging will allow you to  invest in something that will make your product packaging presentation unique and your brand to stand out: for example, an inner holder for your products, added brand signature or  just your logo printed. Be creative!

Another attribute of the effective and impressive e-commerce packaging covers the common customer belief that the packaging reflects the value of the shipment or in other words-the better the packaging is the better the product inside.

Again, by choosing adequate packaging and adding a small but meaningful details on, perhaps a personalisation or extra feature of the box  is a strategy that will win this game and provide you with a 5 star feedback. Remember: think outside of the box!

And last but not least, never forget that shipment packaging indicates whether you, as a retailer, believes in taking care of the environment or not!

Nowadays the majority of the consumers tends to prefer “environmentally friendly packaging”, although this may have different descriptions or meanings: easily recycled, or made from recycled material, reusable to compostable and bio-gradable, make sure your packaging is as eco-friendly as possible.

In fact, always aim to choose recyclable packaging, you will not only win your customer’s thumbs up, but you also reduce your own carbon footprints and demonstrate great social responsibility and sustainability.

Watch or trainers, coffee machine or TV, upon arrival consumers enjoy receiving their parcel carefully and neatly  packed, with no outrageous over-packing, but adequately protecting their goods. And just to make the thing even better, who won’t enjoy a smart shaped box complemented with  printed details or cool branding?

Do not forget: your packaging delivers not just a product, but also experience alongside your marketing message. Be creative, make it unique!Surely we can help you so why not contact us!