Top Tips for Designing the Best SRP for Your Product

Shelf-ready packaging (also known as retail-ready packaging or SRP) does exactly what it says on the box, protecting products as they go from manufacture to sale points and ensuring they can be made, transported, stored and shelved with greater efficiency. When enhanced with engaging artwork, SRP can also attract target consumers, stand out against competitors and help boost brand identity.

No matter what the product or business, having the right SRP model is vital if you want to make the most of its benefits. Here are some of our top tips for successful shelf-ready packaging design.

Top Tip #1: Design for Long-Term Profitability

Thanks to the flexibility of shelf-ready packaging, companies can create bespoke designs that can improve many areas of business. When choosing a new idea or adapting an existing design, selecting the right size and shape for SRP can not only deliver the right look but also contribute to a smoother fulfilment process, make transportation more efficient and increase the speed and ease of stock replenishment, all of which can help benefit profitability in the long-term.

Top Tip #2: Focus on Your Target Audience

Research by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of Marketing Science has shown that customers spend around thirteen seconds deciding on a product in-store, which means that any shelf-ready packaging design needs to make a lasting impression as well as being practical. That said, many companies often go overboard with artwork – evidence suggests that customers only focus on three elements when looking at the packaging, so it’s worth prioritising the product name, key image and your brand logo.

With many consumers becoming increasingly eco-aware, recyclable shelf-ready packaging design can also be used to show your company’s values on sustainability. Choosing an ergonomic design can align customer interests to your products and help to build brand recognition, loyalty and trust.

Top Tip #3: Control Costs with Clever Design Choices

Artwork is also an area where you can make notable improvements without increasing costs, which is where working with a professional packaging manufacturing company such as Garthwest can pay dividends. For example, you could consider simplifying or enhancing the shapes, colours and layout of your design, or changing a lithographic image to a reduced colour flexographic option.

A well-proportioned shelf-ready packaging design can also cut costs in multiple other areas along the supply chain. The easier the arrangement is to lift, stack and remove, the more efficient the fulfilment process will be, from minimising storage space and shipping costs to easier shelf stacking.

Professional Support with Shelf-Ready Packaging Design

It’s easy to see why shelf-ready packaging has become so valuable to so many businesses – if you get the design right. At Garthwest, we have worked with a wide variety of companies in the creation of SRPs that have helped improve product visibility, supply chain efficiency and are also eco-friendly.

For more information on how our in-house design team can help your business, contact us today.