The Unboxing Experience

Packages that tell your brand’s story can enhance the user experience and bring them back for more. Run a search for “unboxing” on Google and you’ll find over 2 million YouTube videos of people sharing their unique unboxing experiences.

These are videos consumers have uploaded themselves, the most popular of which having upwards of 250 million views. While electronics and toy unboxing videos see a spike in the holiday seasons, there is still a steady viewership of unboxing videos throughout the year and according to Google Data and Dotcom Distribution, 76% of these views were from people researching a product they intend to purchase.

This clearly shows the potential opportunity to reach consumers through a memorable, branded unboxing experience. But how do you take advantage of this?

Well, fundamentally people like sharing great experiences with a full third of customers surveyed (courtesy of Dotcom Distribution again) saying they would share a picture of an online purchase to social media if it was packaged in a unique, branded or gift-like box. Therefore, the shape and style of the box is clearly important in getting the unique commercial edge.

One of the most common boxes used by successful eCommerce businesses is shown below.

This is a self locking box which means it doesn’t require additional, and often tacky looking, tape. By the way the user is naturally guided to open it, the box helps build suspense before concluding with a rewarding finish, revealing your product all in one go.

Another common and popular box, particularly with clothing retailers, is the ‘lid and base’ style.

Much like the previous, this enables your product to have its full impact as soon as the box is opened. You may even consider a fitment inside the base to display your product in a specific manor and potentially hide something which could detract from the initial reveal.

Both of these are examples that give plenty of scope for unique prints and style with large flat faces clean of seams or tape. An intricate, colourful illustration could adorn each panel, or a simple logo could neatly and precisely identify your brand, its entirely up to you.

Of course, these are not the only styles available and certainly not the only ones we have made. But whichever you choose, in the increasingly online world of retail, it is important to remember the shipped package represents the most direct, and sometimes only, physical contact with the customer.

For more information or to discuss how our design team can enhance the opening experience of your product, please contact us today and leave your enquiry.