How Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) Can Boost Your In-Store Sales

Over 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store, so you need to get your point-of-sale (POS) display right the first time. And since you are fighting against the competition in a busy retail space, you need to differentiate yourself with powerful promotional print and custom POS cardboard displays.

One way this can be achieved is through a free standing display unit (FSDU). At Garthwest, we work with a range of clients to create eye-catching and custom FSDUs to help attract attention and drive sales. In this blog, we’ll explore how FSDUs can benefit your business. 

What Are FSDUs?

Free standing display units showcase your products and can be placed anywhere in the retail space, such as in the middle of an aisle or near the checkout counter. As they are free-standing, FSDUs do not require any additional support or attachments to the walls. This means they can be appropriately placed in an area that will best promote your products.

At Garthwest, our FSDUs are manufactured using lightweight and durable cardboard. It is then designed bespoke to your brand, ensuring that your custom POS display can stand out from other competitors. We flat pack FSDUs on-site which helps you reduce storage and distribution costs. This allows you to optimise the time spent merchandising your products due to their easy assembly and disassembly. 

5 Benefits of FSDUs

1. Increases Your Brand’s Visibility 

With impactful design and branding, an FSDU can be used to promote both the product and the company’s brand which ultimately increases visibility and brand recognition among customers. This is particularly important when your FSDU is in multiple retail spaces. A consistent design across your FSDUs will help customers easily identify your brand identity and choose you from the competition.

2. Better Product Placement

Depending on your agreements with the retailer, you have the flexibility to strategically place your FSDU in a high-traffic area or near other complementary products.

It is well known that POS displays like FSDUs are a perfect strategy that encourages impulse buying. By placing your FSDU near the checkout, shoppers can browse your products while waiting to be served, leading them to potentially buy your product(s) on impulse. A recent study found that three in four respondents (73%) said most of their purchases tend to be spontaneous. Make the most of this with FSDUs! Whether you want to go for this strategy or place it in an aisle, you will still benefit from increased traffic to your display. 

3. Increases Your Sales Conversion Rate

FSDUs are particularly effective at drawing attention to specific products or promotions. Most often, shoppers will prefer to take advantage of a deal than pay full price. With a stand-out display, you will more than likely attract these customers and encourage them to buy. 

Alongside the benefits of good product placement and increased brand awareness, your company will boost its sales and in turn, increase return visitors back to your brand. 

4. Easy to Customise

FSDUs are highly customisable – they can vary by shape, size, design and how the products are presented. It is this versatility that businesses benefit from in different retail spaces that may have varying sizes and space requirements.

At Garthwest, we bring over 40 years of experience in the POS field and allow brands to be creative with a design that will make a visual impact from every angle. We have created impactful FSDUs for many clients in the food, film and health and sports industries. Alongside these, we work with clients small and large and ensure you always meet your marketing goals.   

5. Sustainable

Free standing display units are easy to assemble and designed to maximise space and avoid any wasted packaging. Sustainability is a core principle at Garthwest. We always guide our customers to use our eco-friendly packaging options such as FSC® certified cardboard. With over 72% of shoppers now considering sustainability in their purchasing decisions, it is now more crucial than ever to embed sustainable packaging into your business!

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