Point of Sale & Display

Creative and Innovative POS & Display Solutions

Point of Sale (POS) influences retail customers at the point where a purchasing decision is made, driving sales in store.

At Garthwest, all our POS materials are bespoke and designed to fit your specific requirements.

With over 70% of purchase decisions made in-store, getting in-store marketing right is vital for your brand.

Free Standing Display Units (FSDU)

FSDU’s are a powerful and popular form of POS. Properly designed and supported by your overarching marketing strategy, few things are as effective in bringing your brand, product or service to the end consumer.

The benefits of FSDU’s:

  • Launching a new product, brand or service
  • Adding sales uplift in stores where your product is already being sold
  • Ideal for seasonal promotions
  • Flexibility for retailers to periodically add stock without changing shelf formats

The UK retail sector has specific rules covering style, size and branding of FSDUs, so it’s essential to know the specifications covering individual retailers. This is something that our consultants and designers can offer you guidance on when we advise on the suitability of your FSDU unit.

Counter Display Units (CDU)

The point of sale is a great place to influence impulse buys, and CDU’s are ideal for this, particularly when merchandising smaller products. Garthwest will work with you to create eye-catching displays to enhance your product and help increase sales.

The benefits of CDU’s:

  • Make a large contribution to in-store sales
  • Provide eye-catching designs
  • Provides great return on investment

Various Promotional Print Items

Commonplace solutions such as ‘pull down’ or ‘printed banners’ are often used for brand promotion, but it is easy to get lost in the crowd. At Garthwest, we encourage a various range of creative promotional solutions, such as:

  • Stacking towers
  • Printed cubes
  • Dump bins
  • Presentation Gift Boxes

Promotional print can also be effectively utilised as POS to create awareness and enhance your brand, product or service.

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