Why Branded Postal Boxes Are Versatile for All Industries

Branded postal boxes provide businesses unlimited opportunities to market their brand, elevate customer experience and stand out. At Garthwest, our branded packaging can be custom-made into promotional kits, sample packs, subscription boxes and branded presentation boxes. Whatever you need, we’ll create something that tells your story.

In this blog, we’ll explore our previous work to highlight the variety and flexibility offered by branded presentation boxes.

What Sectors Use Branded Presentation Boxes?

Printed postal boxes are an effective and flexible packaging solution for any industry wanting to deliver impactful products. Below, we address examples of industries we have worked with over the years.

Beverage Industry

The Garthwest team worked closely with a local coffee manufacturer, Lincoln and York, to sample branded presentation boxes for a new marketing campaign. They wanted to reflect their brand, cut excess waste and be the perfect size for a post box. With success, our design team curated a custom presentation box with high-quality print work to showcase Lincoln and York’s brand.

Lincoln and York's Branded Postal Boxes


Healthcare Industry

Essity, formally known as BSN Medical, is a global leader in healthcare solutions for wound care, orthopaedics and compression therapy. This client came to Garthwest to design branded presentation boxes that could carefully hold healthcare products for athlete wound and sprain injuries.

BSN Medical's Branded Postal Boxes


Knowing that we offer a unique design process, the Garthwest team developed a bespoke box fit with inserts and compartments to hold adhesive bandages, dressings and leaflets. All items were carried stylishly and safely, ensuring maximum delight on presentation.

Food Industry

The demand for subscription services has skyrocketed, predicting a market value worth over £1.8 billion by 2025. As part of this boom, Garthwest assisted Route Sweety Sweets in delivering a robust and effective subscription box that could protect confectionery goods and beverages during transit. We created a sturdy, secure postal box with optimal space to carry small to heavy loads to achieve this.

Route Sweet Sweets' Branded Postal Box


Using high-end digital printing, we applied vibrant artwork and branding to convey their identity and make a lasting impression on arrival. As a result, Route Sweety Sweet was able to safely transport goods and improve customer satisfaction from purchase to delivery.

PhD Branded Presentation Box


Alongside branded postal boxes being versatile, they also open brands up to unique concepts that add flair and creativity to marketing campaigns. During the holiday season, our designers manufactured a branded presentation box shaped into a protein bar, holding a selection of PHD Smart Bar’s protein bars. The client was impressed by its appeal, uniqueness and creativity against other competitors.

Enhance Your Product Packaging at Garthwest

Branded presentation boxes offer you complete versatility in bringing your vision to life. Suitable for all industries, Garthwest uses a bespoke design service to ensure any product is presented with sophistication, security and style.

Contact the Garthwest team to find out more about our branded postal boxes.