Why Peel & Seal Packaging Is a Must-Have for E-commerce

For online brands, it is important to have cost-effective packaging to transport your products from A to B. At Garthwest, we provide self-sealing corrugated postal boxes which are an efficient, cost-saving solution to your packaging challenges. 

Peel & Seal postal boxes are simple to assemble and will keep your products safe with a pre-applied adhesive strip located on the inner flaps of the postal box. Offering convenience to both your operations and customers, Peel & Seal packaging is an excellent choice for distribution means. 

3 Reasons You Need Self-Seal Postal Boxes 

By switching to self-seal packaging, you will save time and costs and improve customer experience. Below, we touch on the main ways e-commerce brands can benefit from this packaging and why it’s worth switching. 

1. Saves Time and Money

As an e-commerce business, you will always be looking for ways to improve efficiency and save costs. One area that is often overlooked is the packaging. If you are looking to grow and scale, lowering these costs can help save some of the expenses that come with expanding. 

Our Peel & Seal packaging requires no additional packaging materials, such as tape, and is delivered flat so you can minimise packaging materials, transit and storage costs. As well as being easy to assemble, its adhesive strip makes fulfilment processing quicker and is ideal for large packaging operations. Now, you can spend less time sending orders and more time finding ways to increase your operations! 

Each postal box includes a tear-open strip so your customers can easily open the parcel without damaging the product. With the packaging quality going unharmed, your customers can reuse it should they need to return an item to you. You will then improve customer experience with a seamless delivery and returns process. 

2. Creates Brand Awareness

With a custom-designed postal box, you will have full control of how your product and brand are presented to your customers upon delivery. Branded packaging is so effective that 40% of online shoppers say that it encourages them to recommend a brand to their friends.

Your packaging is therefore an extension of your brand image. Adding elements such as your logo and design elements will create a lasting impression and help your customers to remember your brand for next time. This is particularly effective for unboxing videos, which is a form of user-generated content that can boost brand awareness and achieve your marketing goals. 

3. Designed to Fit Your Product

Our self-sealing postal boxes are fully customisable and can be any size you need. A popular postal box size is FEFCO 0427, which is a versatile option for e-commerce brands. If you require a custom design for your product, our expert design team will deliver a bespoke packaging concept that showcases your brand and keeps your product safe. 

Choose Garthwest for Your E-Commerce Self-Seal Postal Boxes 

We have years of experience helping e-commerce brands incorporate their personality, story and values into their packaging design. Get in touch to find out more about our Peel & Seal postal boxes and how our team can help you.