Impactful FSDU for a ‘Delicious’ Bakery Brand

“The Fatherson Bakery branded FSDU’s have gone down really well and allowed us to open up to new retailers. The branding and build quality make them robust and quick and easy to assemble. Thank you to the Garthwest team. As we need new POS, we will surely use you again.”

– Laurence Smith, Owner & MD of Fatherson Bakery Ltd.

Small or big, multinational or local food & beverage, all manufacturers and suppliers are aware of the challenges of getting your product noticed by consumers, but also how difficult it could be to get your foot in the door and sell in supermarkets nowadays. Consumers are spoiled with choice whilst the big retail chains are very particular and demanding when it comes to allowing new products or brands on their shop floor.

Here comes the magic of retail point of sale units, where many organisations find the panacea in satisfying both struggles; complying to supermarkets’ guidelines requirements, while making a huge impression and attracting more consumers to the products.

With over 40 years’ experience in the POS field, here at Garthwest our almighty design team have seen it all and designed free standing display units for a huge variety of products, so Fatherson Bakery’s request was no stranger to us.

Large FSDU

Initially, one of our experienced account managers visited Fatherson’s MD and the team and learned more about the products and the company’s aims. In terms of plans to get their products out there and part of their new strategy to selling into retail. After discussing the most important attributes of the units and possible options, our design team were fully briefed about the client’s requirements and expectations.

The challenge in this case laid in that the customer wanted to use one POS unit to display a variety of products with different weights and sizes. As one can imagine, it could be extremely difficult to construct and design a structure that can practicably accommodate various products in a single space, while maintaining its appeal. Moreover, our customer needed the unit to be a certain size, easy for assembling, fulfilling, and refilling in accordance with supermarkets’ requirements.

Our designers worked tirelessly to design a free-standing display unit (FSDU) that perfectly accommodated the product variety across 4 shelves, smartly grouping the different merchandise so that no space is left empty and out of place. The unit material was chosen to be able to hold comfortably the weight off all products that go onto it, while being designed to be flat packed and easily assembled on arrival. The designed unit also allowed effortless fulfilment and replenishment, and was printed in graphics of delicious pastries and baked goods, enhanced by the advancement of the digital print technique.

IMG 8194

A fully printed sample was then supplied to Fatherson Bakery for assessment and approval. Very happy with their newly designed unit, our customer didn’t waste time in placing an order, excited to offer their retail customers a solution that requires no shelf space, all the while offering great visual impact in attracting consumers.

If you have products that might benefit from their own FSDU to outshine their rivals on the retail floor, please get in touch – we are here to help!