SRP for the Fresh Produce Category

Shelf ready packaging (SRP) is one of Garthwest’s specialities and for this particular project we were able to provide a high level of consultancy based on our years of expertise within the industry.

The project

Mushroom produce trays

We worked with a vegetable supplier who were supplying produce to a leading UK supermarket chain, but this would be their first time using SRP. We agreed this was a great opportunity to save the supermarket time and money in this category of product by making the change to SRP.

The brief

Assessing weight and moisture levels

As our customer had no design resource, they turned to Garthwest to provide their design expertise. We therefore decided it was in all parties interest to spend time on site, learning about the processes in order to suggest logical and merchandising changes.

As with all fresh vegetables, mushrooms have many factors to take into account when considering packaging. Moisture levels for this particular kind of produce are high, and the SRP box also has to perform in terms of weight and its ability to be multi-stacked on a pallet.

Coming up with a robust solution was a real necessity for the interests of both customer and retailer.

The outcome

Full national roll out to all stores

The project passed each successive stage of implementation:

  • Initial concept design and approval: incorporating structural design, palletisation, logistical considerations, planning and artwork
  • Transit trials from our customer through to the retailers leading to sign off by our customer and the retailer
  • First trial orders to pilot stores
  • SRP packaging is rolled out to every store across the UK