Bespoke DVD FSDU for cost reduction

Garthwest has acted as a manufacturer, distributor and occasional co-packer for several large distributors of films. One of our large customers was looking to reduce their cost significantly per unit for a DVD FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit). Consequently, we were asked to suggest design changes for the company’s fastest running unit so that they could reduce their material cost.

Our customer had large multiple POP (Point of Purchase) item campaigns going out to multiple stores in the Mainland UK, Highlands and Islands. Quantities varied from a few hundred to a few thousand POP items at a time, each with bespoke artwork arrangments.

The Brief

Our brief was to reduce material cost, but at Garthwest we like to take an holistic approach to any brief and included additional steps to ensure the best outcome possible.

After the briefing and an initial ideas session it was decided to pursue the following goals:

  • Reduce the amount of material – to reduce overall cost, our customer’s main requirement
  • Simplify manufacturing – pass any reduction in cost direct to our customer
  • Simplify artwork layouts – give the customer a saving in staff resource and improve turnaround

The project

Firstly, a workflow was designed which meant the artwork and design processes were streamlined efficiently between our two companies. This massively improved lead times by removing previous funnels that were causing delays within the process.

Secondly, utilising our in house design team, we suggested a few different viable design options from which the customer could choose. This ensured there was no negative impact from the designs we were considering and to ensure the customer was completely satisfied.

The outcome

The final unit achieved a 50% reduction on all materials and therefore reduced the overall cost. The unit was also much simpler than their previous one, making it easier for store staff to assemble. By using intelligent palletisation software we also increased the amount of merchandised units, meaning we were able to fit three times as many of our new units on a pallet than the previous design.

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