Go Green, Stay Blue

Garthwest are proud to continue to move forwards with their pioneering #GoGreenStayBlue initiative. As a business, Garthwest is committed to reducing negative impact on the environment by launching as many green initiatives as possible to help keep our planet healthy for current and future generations.

The paper industry has worked hard to reduce negative effect on the environment, wherever possible, over the past 40 years. Garthwest, a producer of corrugated products, is already involved in this ecosystem. Currently recycling 1,250 tonnes of cardboard per year. The vast majority of which re-enters the supply chain.

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How do we do more and constantly challenge the status quo for results?

Currently Garthwest uses 16 tonnes of polythene shrink wrap a year. This wrapping is fully recyclable but owing to contamination from other plastics, labels and strapping, it often finds its way to landfill.

This led to question if pallet wrap was essential for us to use.

Working in conjunction with the University of Hull, Garthwest commissioned a research piece on a customer sample to assess their attitudes towards this. The report found that the customers were happy to receive pallets without shrink wrap. They also expressed very positive reactions to Garthwest’s #GoGreenStayBlue initiative, including the value to their business in reducing waste costs.

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Based on the commitment to reduce volume of non-recyclable waste and outcomes from the research piece, Garthwest has taken the proactive decision to moving towards the removal of shrink wrap from our operation. This is a bold move in an industry where shrink wrapping on pallets is the norm. However, Garthwest fully understands client requirements within their supply chain and the challenges this move may present to them. In these instances, Garthwest are committed to working with them to find the best solution.

The Garthwest #GoGreenStayBlue experts are on hand to assist.

If you wish to discuss this #GoGreenStayBlue initiative any further or would like any more information about Garthwest please contact us on 01482 825121 or info@garthwest.com.