How Garthwest Brings Your Cardboard Packaging and POS Design to Life

Product packaging and promotional displays play a large role in creating a good first impression. As experts in cardboard packaging and POS (Point of Sale) displays, we have helped hundreds of clients to achieve the perfect solution for their products.

Garthwest is an independent and family-owned business that designs, manufactures and delivers a range of products in-house. We have a close understanding of industry trends and your environmental responsibility as a business owner. That’s why we encourage our customers to pursue sustainable products, such as FSC® certified packaging, to limit waste and carbon emissions.

As part of working with us, we will guide you through every stage of the innovation process, from idea discovery to delivery. Whether you’re looking for Peel & Seal postal boxesshelf-ready cardboard packaging (SRP) or POS displays, Garthwest will deliver a solution that meets your operational and marketing needs.

The Innovation Process: 5 Stages to Successful Packaging and POS Design

At Garthwest, we offer a bespoke design and manufacturing process to ensure your cardboard packaging or POS displays stand out and keep your products safe. Our experienced team will take you through five stages during the innovation process, to bring your idea to life.

Stage #1: Design Brief

In the first stage, we will discover what your needs and requirements are for your design idea. Then, we will decide how to help your brand resonate with your target audience. If you don’t have a design idea, our designers will work on a concept based on the initial brief.

Stage #2: Concept Design

Once we have an ideal packaging or display concept for you, we will transform it into a design that will catch your customer’s and key stakeholders’ eyes. Our designers will create 3D renders of a variety of possible design options, giving you plenty of choices to choose from.

Our cutting-edge design technology will give you a real-world view of your design which will help you to decide on your final concept.

Stage #3: Prototyping

Once you have approved the design and artwork, we will produce a physical prototype that you can showcase to stakeholders and potential prospects. We will ensure that your sample is produced on time and give you time to carefully assess your product before moving on to production.

As a results-driven manufacturer, we will provide you with multiple samples, so you can share them with others and get insight into whether it reflects your brand’s story and purpose.

Stage #4: Manufacturing

As with all our clients, we will conduct thorough testing to ensure your packaging or display is easy to assemble, sturdy and accurately printed before manufacturing. Once our quality checks are done, we will prepare your packaging for delivery. We always stick to timelines, so production timeframes may vary, but it can often take up to 10 days.

Stage #5: Delivery

Now onto the final stage – delivery! We can ship your bespoke cardboard packaging or print display in three efficient ways. It can be flat packed with or without outer wraps, or fully assembled with larger outer wraps so it is ready to set up for your selected retailers.

We offer a broad range of experience working with industries across the UK and will ensure you are happy from start to finish. If you are interested in developing a packaging or display solution, contact Garthwest, and we will be happy to help you.