Bespoke Hanging ‘Parasite’ Unit POS

A ‘delicious’ client has got in touch looking for a fun, eye-catching POS unit that saves shelving space whilst displaying their product at its best, outshining its rivals.

Fuelled up by the combination of the incredible taste of the bars and the passion for design of our creative team, we created a hanging ‘parasite’ unit that not just delivered our client requirements’, but also reflected their branding and product presentation style.

The Brief:

  • Fun & eye-catching POS unit
  • Easy to assemble & replenish
  • Sturdy design that securely holds the product
  • Low customer shipping cost
  • Minimum shelving space used

The Challenge:

  • Our design team challenge laid within the brief itself, where the combination of our client requirements required not just design expertise, but also a great deal of creativity in order to fulfil the brief in full.

The Solution:

A hanging ‘parasite’ unit

Our design team started their task by looking into the products’ spec and client’s branding in order to come up with a fun, eye-catching and brand consistent solution.

However, working on the rest of the requirements within the brief lead the team to design a hanging ‘parasite’ unit that needs zero shelve space.

Furthermore, our designers knowledge of cardboard, its functionality and properties, along with a great deal of POS structural expertise garnered over many years, resulted in the creation of a  flat-packed, very easy to assemble and replenish unit that has the ability to hold product securely and perfectly display 24 bars whilst hanging between the retail shelves.

Having no previous experience with hanging ‘parasite’ units, our customer was thrilled to receive their prototype of ‘parasite’ unit that not just delivered but exceeded all their expectations.

Parasite units bring fantastic opportunities, and the size and weight of products taking advantage of this space is extending.

Get in touch if you are on the lookout for the most efficient POS for your product; we have solutions for you.