VR Headsets for The Guardian!

The Guardian’s Project

Early this summer, through our partnership with ViSR VR, we had the opportunity to design engineer a whopping 97,000 virtual reality cardboard headsets for the Guardian newspaper issue this October.

The prime aim of these headsets was to mark a year since The Guardian created its dedicated VR journalism team, where series of immersive VR stories have been created and now to be virtually experienced through our headsets.

The Brief

In order to give away such a large number of headsets to their acclaimed readers, The Guardian required the product to be flexible, simple and easy to use. This is where our talented design team at Garthwest stepped in. They methodically analysed the brief provided and came up with the ideal solution for the client. Find out below how the headsets were manufactured!

97,000 Headsets Produced

Inside our in-house design studio is where the magic happens.

Step 1: Using cutting-edge technology and our highly advanced machinery, the headsets were carefully and structurally designed and had the desired artwork proportionally laid out onto them by our outstanding designers.

Step 2: After successfully creating the design and the print card, 97,000 headsets were then printed and diecut in such a style that they would fit perfectly flat-packed into The Guardian’s newspaper sleeves for the readers.

Step 3: Once they had been printed and diecut, our entire production team joined forces to install the lenses and apply the Velcro onto the headsets for the readers’ phones to be inserted securely once they are assembled.

The Outcome

The headsets were a giant success to enable The Guardian’s readers to share and experience stories in the most immersive manner, marrying quality journalism with innovative storytelling. We could not be prouder to have been involved in this thrilling milestone of the hugely well-renowned daily newspaper.

We are extremely grateful to our mutually beneficial partnership with ViSR throughout this project, whose expertise in virtual reality and headsets aided in the perfected completion of this exciting project.

If you want to find out how Garthwest can also provide you with your own bespoke solutions, leave us an enquiry today!