The Innovation Lab, 2018

Hosted at the NEC in Birmingham on 28th Feb and 1st March, Packaging Innovation UK 2018 held an impressive exhibition demonstrating cutting-edge technologies and materials that will have large impacts on the packaging industry in the upcoming years. Garthwest both applied and won a position in the Innovation Lab segment allowing us the opportunities to demonstrate our pioneering technology – Vertx.

The Public Prefers Paper Packaging!

In light of the recent news stories, we’ve seen plenty of headlines discussing plastic packaging and its negative effect on our environment. Industry body, Two sides, and Toluna, an international research agency, conducted a snap poll which resulted in showing a significant amount of people preferred paper packaging over plastic packaging.

Plastic Markets Under Threat

In a world where plastic is found almost everywhere, it appears that action is finally being taken to ensure that it no longer wreaks havoc on our planet. The United Nations are in the planning stages of a zero-tolerance plan with regard to plastic pollution of the oceans.

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