Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Peel & Seal Postal Boxes

As experts in cardboard packaging, we always look for ways to expand our solutions range so our customers can get their products safely transported and in the retail spotlight. We now offer Peel & Seal postal boxes as part of our expanding portfolio of eco-friendly cardboard packaging. 

Commonly known as ‘Peel & Seal’ or self-seal packaging, our e-commerce postal boxes are an excellent choice for those looking to shorten packaging processes and boost efficiencies across their distribution channels and improve their customers’ experience. 

Keep reading to find out more about our new range and why you should consider switching to it today. 

What Are Peel & Seal Postal Boxes? 

Postal boxes are a form of packaging that can be easily assembled and delivered directly to a consumer’s door. Peel & Seal postal boxes include an adhesive strip which is located on the internal flaps to allow the box to be closed quickly and securely. Once delivered, consumers can easily open it by using the tear strip with ease without risking damage to the product inside. 

At Garthwest, we offer a self-seal feature to any common packaging box. Our most popular option is the Fefco 0427 style box, usually available as a standard self-locking die-cut box, but it can be made more effective with an added adhesive seal. By using self–seal, a business can benefit from an all-in-one packaging solution that decreases packaging costs and increases workforce productivity. 

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Self-Seal Postal Boxes 

1. Saves You Packaging Costs

Self-seal postal boxes contain a pre-applied adhesive strip on the inside of the box, which means you can cut the cost of additional packaging materials such as tape. Now, you only need to rely on a simple all-in-one postal box!

We deliver all postal boxes flat-packed so that you can minimise transit and storage costs. This will help you keep stock of packaging in smaller spaces, ensuring you always have enough in for your next order. 

2. Accelerates the Packaging Process

Peel & Seal postal boxes offer a quick solution for packaging a variety of goods in the e-commerce space. Once a customer places an order, your packaging team can place the item into the box, tear away the paper covering the adhesive strip and seal it. There is no need to add an extra layer of tape – it’s really this simple! You can trust that Garthwest’s self-sealing postal boxes will always keep your products safe in transit. 

They will also improve your worker’s productivity as they no longer need to manually tape and seal hundreds of packages. This will increase operational efficiency and allow your team to handle more orders in a shorter amount of time. 

3. Protects the Environment 

Self-seal postal boxes at Garthwest are 100% sustainable and do not contain any added plastic. As an eco-friendly packaging supplier, our postal boxes are made from cardboard, which is a biodegradable and recyclable packaging alternative. We can also tailor this solution to be made from solely FSC-certified materials. This will help you to improve your company’s carbon footprint and meet sustainability initiatives. 

With many businesses looking to implement sustainable packaging, we will work with you to deliver an environmentally friendly solution that protects your products and the planet. 

4. Improves Customer Experience

Switching to self-seal packaging is convenient for your packaging team and customers. Our postal boxes include an easy-to-open tear strip so your customer can open their awaited order in moments. Plus, this strip offers tamper evidence protection and maintains the quality of the packaging should your customer need to return something. 

As a result, your customer can reuse the packaging and reduce the amount of waste material your business produces. Self-seal packaging offers a seamless delivery and returns experience which will improve customer satisfaction and protect your brand’s reputation. 

5. Showcases Your Brand Identity 

Apart from your e-commerce store, the packaging is one of the key areas where a customer will engage with your brand identity. It is found that 55% of brand-first impressions stem from visuals, meaning it is important to create a branded package that grabs attention before it is open.

Our expert designers can print on the interior and exterior of each postal box and can be made available in any size you may need. Adding your branding will help differentiate your brand, enhance customer experience and tell your brand story. 

Contact Garthwest for Self-Seal Packaging Boxes

If you want to save costs and time across your packaging operations, look no further than self-seal postal boxes. We can curate a bespoke design for your business that delivers value and quality for every package. Get in touch with our expert team today to find out more.