How Onshore Manufacturing Can Benefit the Supply Chain

Over the first quarter of this year, we have seen an increase in British manufacturing activity as the global and domestic markets have improved. Despite many organisations choosing to outsource from offshore manufacturing, we now see onshore UK manufacturing as a growing industry.

China, the United States and Japan are three of the largest manufacturing countries in the world, being well known for their mass production and manufacturing levels. China, known as ‘the world’s factory’, takes up to 30% of the world’s manufacturing and has been a first choice for organisations looking to cut costs across their supply chain. Despite this, there is now an uptake in onshore manufacturing, with more businesses going for quality UK manufacturers.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what onshore manufacturing is and why you should consider switching today.

What Is Onshore Manufacturing?

Onshoring is sourcing a business’ manufacturing operations within domestic and national borders. Demand for goods and services has accelerated over the 21st century, causing many brands to outsource manufacturers or move their production overseas to capitalise on cheaper material and staffing costs.

Manufacturing countries like China and India are continuing to develop, meaning that the cost of wages and materials has increased. With offshoring costs increasing, many return to onshoring to improve supply chain control and environmental measures.

5 Benefits of Onshore Manufacturing

1. Shorter Lead Times

One of the key advantages of onshore manufacturing is the ability to reduce lead times. By choosing a UK-based manufacturer, such as Garthwest, you can significantly minimise delays in production and delivery.

As experts in packaging and print manufacturing, we are experienced at handling requests quickly to ensure production and distribution are completed at a faster rate. Going onshore will help streamline your supply chain and reduce the risk of delayed shipping times from across the globe.

2. Secures the Supply Chain

With onshoring, brands can be rest assured that their supply chain will always be secured. Garthwest delivers a fast turn around manufacturing service, ensuring or clients receive their new packaging quickly so that operations aren’t impacted. As a result, onshore manufacturers offer reliability and stability, which are crucial factors in any business partnership.

3. Higher-Quality Materials

Offshoring was seen as the most effective manufacturing option for its mass production abilities for decades. But mass production often doesn’t always result in the best quality.

Garthwest’s commitment to excellence means that every aspect of the manufacturing process is closely monitored and controlled, guaranteeing consistent quality and outstanding results. We collaborate with all clients to ensure they are happy with the end product, whether an engaging Point of Sales (POS) display or secure product packaging.

By choosing onshore manufacturing, you can trust that your product goes through strict quality control and will meet the original brief you set out.

4. Cost-Effective

Onshoring can be a cost-effective manufacturing solution for many businesses. As labour costs have increased globally, onshoring offers shorter lead times and reduced shipping costs that benefit you in the long run. A streamlined supply chain also means you can control your inventory levels more efficiently, helping you minimise the risk of being out of stock.

Garthwest ensures all our clients receive the desired amount of stock to be delivered flat pack to ensure better storage.

5. Fewer Carbon Emissions

As the world becomes increasingly environmentally conscious, reducing carbon emissions has become a priority for many businesses. Onshore manufacturing minimises the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping and transportation.

Garthwest has sustainability at its core and is motivated to help its clients to achieve better operations with greener transportation and eco-friendly packaging. With more consumers valuing sustainable initiatives in the buying process, a brand needs to consider the importance of local manufacturing.

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