Choose Garthwest as Your Onshore Packaging and Print Manufacturer

Recently, there has been a drive in demand for onshore manufacturing where more brands are seeking to source manufacturing services within domestic and national borders. Onshore manufacturing brings excellent advantages for organisations seeking to take control of their supply chain. From shorter lead times to higher-quality materials, onshore manufacturing can help lower carbon emissions and potential supply chain costs.

If you want to elevate your product packaging or invest in retail sale displays, look no further than Garthwest. We are innovators in the UK packaging industry and have the experience to deliver your brief without needing an offshore supplier.

Who is Garthwest?

Garthwest is a cardboard packaging and point of sale (POS) supplier founded in 1964 in Hull, Yorkshire. Today, we continue as an independent, family-owned business, designing and manufacturing our products in-house and distributing them across the UK and internationally.

Our team is highly experienced and passionate about driving sustainable packaging that protects the planet and minimises the production of carbon emissions. We have worked with brands across industries to achieve an end product that encompasses their story, drives awareness and safely protects the product during transit.

5 Reasons to Work With Garthwest as a UK Packaging Manufacturer

1. Independent UK Manufacturer

Garthwest has been an independent UK packaging manufacturer for nearly 60 years. Over this time, we have developed our expertise, expanded our services and kept up with the demands of the manufacturing industry.

All our materials are sourced from onshore suppliers, allowing us to deliver only the best-in-class packaging and POS displays. From your discovery call to final distribution, every step will be handled in-house at Garthwest.

2. Bespoke Products and Services

We offer a range of product packaging and print display services to meet any needs you may have. We are skilled in e-commerce, shelf-ready (SRP), sturdy die-cut packaging, and promotional POS displays to push your marketing goals.

Garthwest offers 100% recyclable packaging across all our products and ensures our raw materials are sourced from sustainable suppliers. Customers can also use FSC-certified packaging, which is a leading eco-friendly solution to have in your supply chain.

3. Passionate Team of Experts

At Garthwest, we have an expert team with a wealth of experience working with packaging and POS design. Whether it’s structural design or graphic design for stand-out packaging, our team have the creativity and technical skills to create a solution that works for your brand.

Our team use the latest industry insights and cutting-edge technology to bring your idea to life.

4. Personalised and Responsive Support

When you select an onshore supplier, you will benefit from rapid customer support during key hours of your operations. The Garthwest team offer helpful customer support tailored to your business needs, ensuring every customer receives timely assistance when required.

Communication and collaboration are key throughout the innovation process. That’s why our team build strong relationships with our customers to truly understand their goals, challenges and needs for the project at hand.

Choose Garthwest for Your Product Packaging and Print Needs

Streamline your supply chain and select Garthwest as your trusted UK packaging supplier. Contact our dedicated team today to discover how we can add value and quality to your operations.