How Garthwest Meets Client’s Christmas Packaging Demand

Christmas is a time of merry gift-giving and increased online and in-store shopping. Over the last 60 years, Garthwest has helped sectors from FMCG and retail to cosmetics prepare for the holiday flurry with efficient and effective packaging delivery. 

Last year, Finder predicted that the average Briton spent £430 on Christmas gifts. With all these gifts comes a drastic increase in sales for many retailers and e-commerce sites. Many consumers will have started searching for presents, so now is the time to partner with a packaging manufacturer. 

Explore Garthwest, the leading manufacturer of bespoke cardboard packaging and POS displays. In this blog, we will explore the types of Christmas packaging we offer and how we’ve prepared for the holiday season. 

Christmas Packaging at Garthwest

Want to bring holiday cheer to your Christmas marketing campaign? Garthwest creates eye-catching cardboard packaging, and Point-of-Sales (POS) displays to improve your sales, brand awareness and reach. 

We offer a variety of bespoke products and services to meet your holiday packaging needs. From stand-out postal boxes to FSDUs, below, we dive into our popular products, perfect for Christmas.

All our Christmas packaging is made bespoke to you. We encourage all our customers to be creative, so follow our packaging design trends and find a way to stand out. If you require help, our dedicated design team will curate exciting design concepts during the innovation process

3 Ways We’re Meeting Christmas Packaging Demand

Garthwest prides itself on delivering high-quality, reliable service that always meets customers’ expectations. The next coming months will be busy, so we’ve extended our manufacturing capabilities to meet any demand that comes our way. 

1. Increased Workforce

Every design, piece of artwork, package and display is created in-house. As an onshore manufacturer, we ensure our team of expert designers, manufacturers, and account managers handle the entire innovation process. 

We have recently increased our team, ensuring we have enough staff members on hand during each phase of your project. Whether you need to talk about Christmas packaging ideas or have a catch-up, we’re always a phone call away. 

2. Extended Hours 

We understand every client has a deadline to meet. To ensure this happens, we have extended our working hours so our team can work through orders quickly and efficiently. 

Each product will be quality-checked before it is flat-packed and sent for distribution. 

3. New Machinery

Garthwest only uses cutting-edge technology and machinery to create our products. We have recently invested in new machinery across the warehouse floor to accelerate production and improve efficiency. 

Regardless of your Christmas deadline, we can guarantee digital mock-ups and physical packaging prototypes to ensure you’re happy with pre-production. Your success is important to us.

Choose Garthwest as Your Packaging Manufacturer

Get on top of the Christmas rush and select Garthwest as your trusted partner for Christmas packaging. Our team is available to take your orders from today. Contact us today, and we’ll be in touch.