Christmas Packaging and POS Design Trends – 2023

Now that summer is nearly over, businesses will start preparing for the inevitable busy months ahead. During Christmas in the UK, households spent over £30 billion in-store and online from 2017-2022. As such, businesses must ensure they are ready for this demand with effectively planned product packaging and point of sale (POS) displays

If you are a retailer, attractive holiday-themed packaging and POS will help your brand stand out. Don’t miss out on the season of gift-giving. Follow our top design trends for festive packaging in our guide below. 

4 Holiday Packaging and POS Trends 2023

Trend #1: Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

During Christmas alone, the average UK household throws out three and a half black bags of festive packaging to the landfill. To reduce this waste, more consumers consider brands with sustainable packaging as a critical driver of their buying process. 

Whatever industry you’re in, implement recyclable cardboard packaging and POS to ensure you can reduce waste, carbon emissions and deforestation. At Garthwest, our design team will work with you to curate effective packaging that optimises space and minimises material waste.

If you want global recognition, invest in FSC® certified packaging, available as either FSC 100%, FSC Recycled or FSC Mix cupboard. FSC® is a reputable mark of eco-friendly packaging and can be used to improve your reputation and sales. So, for this Christmas, go green. Contact our friendly team to find out what solution is best for you.  

Trends #2: Seasonal Patterns and Colours

What your product appears like on the outside can be a make-or-break situation for the consumer. This is why engaging, detailed packaging sets you apart. It’s time to bring back the joy of opening packaging on Christmas day again! 

The holidays are known for their glitz and glam, so incorporate holiday-themed colours and graphics, such as tinsel, Christmas trees and baubles, to differentiate from usual packaging design. For a sophisticated appearance, pair glossy and matte finishes with metallic accents to add depth to your design. 

Your Christmas packaging and POS need to inspire and tell a story. So, add in graphics, patterns and embellishments to show your products are wrapped with love. Our expert design team will create bespoke packaging artwork to meet your needs. 

Trends #3: Interactive Features

Christmas is a prime time to interact with your customers and boost user-generated content (UGC). Adding QR codes, social media handles, and personalised messages to your gift packaging elevates a customer’s unboxing experience to the next level. These interactive elements will encourage customers to engage with your brand online through unboxing videos and imagery.

By adding QR codes to your POS display, your customers can easily find and navigate your e-commerce website in-store, leading to a possible increase in sales and traffic. 

Trends #4: Bespoke Packaging Shapes

Christmas is only once a year, so it’s your time to stand out. Choose from branded presentation boxes, character-themed boxes or advent calendars to showcase your product(s) in a new and exciting way. 

At Garthwest, we work on branded promotional boxes in all shapes and sizes. We will bring your vision to life, no matter how complex, and ensure you are happy with the results. For brands looking to make an impact, an advent calendar can encourage customers to interact with your brand every day until Christmas. For those wanting something sturdy, a cardboard gift box will ensure your items stay safe during transit. 

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