Family Business United 2018

On Thursday the 8th of March, Garthwest attended the annual Family Business United conference held at the National Geographic Centre, South Kensington London. An event which celebrates family businesses throughout the United Kingdom and recognises their contribution and accomplishments. Having been chosen as the winner for the People’s Choice Award 2017, representatives from Garthwest were invited to attend the conference and showcase our work to fellow family businesses, while discussing our hopes and future projects for 2018 onward.

We were presented with the opportunity to discuss and listen to impressive keynote speakers from a variety of different sectors and backgrounds. Speaking with other family businesses with similar family values that are held so closely to us was a thoroughly enriching experience for all who attended.

Some of the keynote speakers were a part of multi-generational businesses that have been able to adapt, overcome and forge a place in their respective markets. A testament to us here at Garthwest who still maintain the core values of the business as well as high levels of service.

We were also given the chance to discuss our more technological projects. With the introduction of Industry 4.0, it is becoming increasingly prominent in the larger scale business model. Here at Garthwest, we have begun implementing this into our manufacturing chain through the use of Virtual Reality in terms of both sampling and at the design stage. That is to say, we have balanced the great ethos of our business – marrying tradition with innovation. We have cross-fertilised traditionalism with high-tech and design within our organisation.

Doing what we do best, our incredibly talented in-house designers design engineered and produced the stacking towers for Family Business United as well as the Garthwest tower. Each tower consists of printed panel boards that are slotted in together to erect two towers connected by an arch. The towers were a big hit at the event and certainly made the impact intended.

With such an environmental-friendly and biodegradable product, there is a countless amount of inventive and bespoke promotional products that Garthwest can manufacture from scratch. Please read more about our services and get in touch to let us know how we can help you deliver creative vision and flair to your products.