Wyke 6th Form College – Desktop Screens

To play our role in ensuring schools can provide a safe and secure teaching environment for their students, we designed and produced our Desktop Barriers that have been offered as part of our Covid Safety Range since the peak of the pandemic in April.

Bespoke DVD FSDU’s for Film & TV Giant

Garthwest has acted as a manufacturer, distributor and occasional co-packer for several large distributors of films. One of our large customers was looking to reduce their cost significantly per unit for a DVD FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit). Consequently, we were asked to suggest design changes for the company’s fastest running unit so that they could reduce their material cost.

Corrugated Cardboard Cocktail Bar

A local tech company contacted us just before Christmas with a rather unusual request. They needed us to help them anticipate and reduce the impact of their employees’ January blues coming back to work after the Christmas break.