Bespoke DVD FSDU’s for Film & TV Giant

Garthwest has acted as a manufacturer, distributor and occasional co-packer for several large distributors of films. One of our large customers was looking to reduce their cost significantly per unit for a DVD FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit). Consequently, we were asked to suggest design changes for the company’s fastest running unit so that they could reduce their material cost.

Corrugated Cardboard Cocktail Bar

A local tech company contacted us just before Christmas with a rather unusual request. They needed us to help them anticipate and reduce the impact of their employees’ January blues coming back to work after the Christmas break.

Unlock Your Ultimate Cage FSDU

One of the most renowned health and sports nutrition companies in the UK served us with quite a challenge towards the end of last year. Their brilliant marketing team had been searching for a cutting-edge FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit) to introduce their brand-new marketing campaign and roll out a new line of products. The […]