Garthwest: Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions we receive about our cardboard packaging services, POS Design and print solutions.

What is the use of die cut packaging boxes?

Die cut boxes are one of the most popular forms of corrugated cardboard packaging. If you’re looking for lightweight, easily customisable cardboard boxes, look no further than die cut boxes. These boxes are equally suited for use in e-commerce applications or as transit packaging – get in touch to discuss die cut options for your business.

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What is custom packaging? What are its benefits?

Custom packaging is boxing that is specifically tailored to your company and the product you’re making and shipping. It is meant to fit the product perfectly and aims to protect the product better than standard and generic packaging.

Customised packaging allows you to take full control of your brand’s reputation, delivering your message directly to your target customer – give your audience a great first impression and contact us today. 

What are the benefits of custom packaging design?

One of the most important aspects of the customer experience is advertising – so how can your advertising be used to benefit the customer AND manufacturer? With custom packaging, you can display your brand identity, elevate your product and grab the consumer’s attention with every delivery.

Can I print my logo or design onto a cardboard box?

Yes of course! Our team of expert designers can offer you and your business bespoke packaging design services using our cutting-edge technology and equipment. We can also provide you with mock up designs using the latest Adobe Illustrator package to ensure your vision comes to life – contact us directly for bespoke mailing boxes.

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Where can I buy eco-friendly packaging boxes?

As experts in eco-friendly packaging solutions, Garthwest can help you and your business towards a more sustainable future through FSC®-certified cardboard products. 

We understand that for any business, the decision to become more sustainable can be a challenging process, which is why we work with our clients to ensure your time, money and effort are a worthwhile investment.

What is the future of eco-friendly packaging?

As consumers and brands around the world continue to turn their attention to more sustainable processes, packaging will remain high on the agenda.

We expect businesses and manufacturers to rise to the challenge; and we look forward to supporting them with the testing processes and support they need. At the moment, we offer every client a choice of FSC® certified packaging at affordable prices to help support the environment. 

What impact can sustainable packaging create?

In today’s world, a business’ commitment to adopting environmentally friendly practices has become increasingly important to consumers.

As a result, businesses choosing eco-conscious packaging are not only creating a positive impact on the environment but generating a fantastic reputation for themselves in the eyes of their consumers. 

What types of corrugated cardboard are available?

With over 50 years’ experience in the corrugated packaging industry, we pride ourselves on our vast range of cardboard options.

At Garthwest, we supply the FEFCO 0201 box style, commonly referred to as a standard slotted case, and is one of the most popular and cost-effective styles of corrugated cardboard packaging. We also supply corrugated cardboard produce trays and die cut packaging. 

Contact our dedicated team today to find the perfect corrugated cardboard for you.

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What bespoke packaging design services do you offer? 

From promo boxes to POS, we can create boxes to fit just about any item! Contact our expert time to discuss custom, bespoke packaging for your business.

What cardboard packaging printing services do you offer?

When designing a package or point of sale material, we use the very latest design software alongside our intelligent die cutting machinery to achieve the best results.

Our in-house design team can craft designs and produce samples for you both quickly and accurately, creating artwork of the highest standard. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss your print requirements.

What is a 0201 style box? 

The FEFCO 0201 box style, commonly referred to as a standard slotted case, is one of the most popular and cost-effective styles of corrugated cardboard packaging. A single piece of material with a glued joint, the top and bottom flaps allow for easy assembly and closure with adhesive tape.

Garthwest can supply cardboard 0201 boxes in bespoke sizes, with a vast choice of board grades (single or double walled), as well as custom options including print, die cut hand holes, and more.

What are the benefits of shelf ready packaging (SRP)?

Shelf ready packaging makes the transition from pack-out, delivery and installation smooth. Through quality & precise die-cutting, multi-point gluing, print and extensive design capabilities, Garthwest’s corrugated cardboard SRP has the proven ability to drive sales and cut costs. 

Designed to your brand and supply chain requirements, our shelf ready packaging is both bespoke and sustainable. Easy to handle, specially designed and identifiable, contact us for your SRP.SRP

Are you a corrugated cardboard manufacturer?

Yes, we are! Corrugated packaging is a versatile, economic, light, robust, recyclable, practical and yet dynamic form of packaging – which is why we use it so often. 

Here at Garthwest, we supply the FEFCO 0201 box style, alongside corrugated cardboard produce trays and die cut packaging. 

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How sustainable is your cardboard packaging?

As experts in eco-friendly packaging solutions, Garthwest can help you and your business work towards a more sustainable future using FSC®-certified cardboard products. 

We use corrugated performance packaging which produces less waste, uses less trees and generates fuel savings as flat-packed cases can be stacked and transported in fewer trips. As a result, our cardboard packaging is extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

What packaging development services do you offer?

Our team are happy to help you through every step in the package development process, from rendering, prototyping and technical drawings, to the manufacture and delivery of your creation. Contact us for more information!

Are you FSDU manufacturers? 

Yes, we are. In today’s highly clustered retail environment, FSDU’s are a vital marketing tool and sales vehicle for various products and brands.

The UK retail sector has specific rules covering style, size and branding of FSDUs, so it’s essential to know the specifications covering individual retailers. This is something that our consultants and designers can offer you guidance on when we advise on the suitability of your FSDU unit.

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What cardboard point of sale (POS) displays do you offer?

At Garthwest, all our POS materials are bespoke and designed to fit your product-specific requirements and achieve your marketing campaign goals; either promoting a new product or improving your brand’s presence.

Do you provide custom e-commerce packaging?

Yes, we offer entirely bespoke e-commerce packaging.

In our ever-evolving world of e-commerce, online retailers are now striving to develop new, durable, inventive packaging designs for their products. Here at Garthwest, we’ll add everything from brand signatures to logos and artistic designs to attract your target audience.

Do you design and offer bespoke display units?

Yes, of course! We know that bespoke display units are the ideal way to create a fully branded haven within a crowded retail environment. With our custom-designed display unit, you have full control of how your product, service or brand is presented to your customers and prospects.

Do you print onto cardboard boxes?

Yes – we use the very latest design software alongside our leading die cutting machinery to print onto cardboard boxes. 

Whether you’re promoting a new product or improving your brand’s retail presence, we’ll print your tailored designs onto our specially selected, sustainable cardboard. 

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Is everything you wanted to know answered? If not, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.